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Subodh Painuly
oxygen will go down and you will start the battle for life
Aftab Singh
A real challenge in all forms. The sixth day starts with The 21 Gata Loops and goes on to cross over NakeeLa(16,200ft) and yet another ascent of LachulungLa(16,800ft). The reason Gata Loops are so famous is because in under 10kms of travel, there is a height gain of about 1500ft. Once the 21 loops end, there is a final climb up till NakeeLa, from where it is all downhill till the next break point, which is, Whiskey Nallah. Whiskey Nallah has a single very big parachute tent which provides whole meals along with bed and breakfast. A very convenient stop over. Whiskey Nallah marks the climb for LachulungLa which is indeed very excruciating all because of the bad road conditions and the mental trauma of beginning an ascent for the second time after a downhill run. LachulungLa is at 16,800ft and it is marked yet again by a BRO mark-post and numerous prayer flags. The ride from the top till Pang is a technical one with road conditions being on the downside, but once you reach Pang, the cluster of tents is a welcoming sight. Being set-up right next to an army post, one can also use the satellite-phone facility at the army base. Pang serves tourists with ample traditional dance and folklore along with food and accommodation. Total distance covered is at about 57kms and the sleeping height at Pang being 14,800ft.