Phikkal Bazar

We reached Phhikal in no time, from there we were to continue Mechi highway till its end. We fueled the bike in nearby station and be ready for the highway ride. Bending of the road made the bike ride adventurous. We kept on following the way, which went down until we reached Mai Khola, after crossing the bridge it gradually went up the hill and finally reached Ilam bazaar. We had no plans to spend time there so we decided to move on. Crossing local places such as Barbote, Sankhejung, we stopped at Ranke that is the border of Ilam and Panchthar districts. We had Hot & Sour Veg Tukpa and MoMo there and was the best veg item we ever had. It was already 15:15 when we left Ranke, and we still had to cross ~130 KM to reach Suketar. We spent some time watching beautiful setting sun on the horizon from the way and reached Phidim, Headquarter of Panchthar district at around 16:45. It was pleasant moments watching the golden rays on the way but one thing to worry - it was getting darker and night ride on the bending hilly highway was somehow challenging. After few minutes of rest in Phidim we continued our journey. The highway was filled with insects that came from the paddy fields and it was attacking our eyes making the ride more uncomfortable. It was pitch dark and cold too when we reached the Kabeli river bridge, which separates Panchthar and Taplejung district. After that the way became narrower. Darkness and bumpy narrow road decreased the speed to 20 KM/Hr. We were totally unaware of what is below and above the road as we were just following the road signs. After adventurous ride we reached Phungling bazar, Taplejung at around 19:00. We were still few KM far from Suketar so without further delay we continued our ride. Crossing very uneven road we reached Suketar after 30 minutes. We went to the nearby hotel, managed a room and unloaded the backpack. There were many hotels around but we were in the first hotel we saw which was in front of the Suketar Airport. It was freezing so we ate noodles soup before having nice dinner. In the meantime we managed 2 seats on 4X4 jeep for the early morning of the next day with another group as the road condition to reach the place from where we were to start the trek was bad for bike. We went to bed immediately after.