Rapti River

siddharta saha
Harita Vinnakota
The river/jungle around it has a lot to offer, if you are a jungle person that is. Gharial sightings by the river side during canoeing, lovely sunset by the river side, One horned rhino (famous in this area), and over 45 species of birders Great cormorant Little cormorant Darter Grey heron Purple heron Little egret Asian open bill Woolly necked stork Lesser adjutant Black headed ibis Whistling duck/ teal Crested serpent eagle Jungle fowl Shama Moorhen Bronze winged Jacana Grey headed lapwing Red wattled lapwing Green sandpiper Spotted dove Jungle mynah Common mynah Hill Mynah House sparrow Coucal Stork billed kingfisher Pied kingfisher White throat kingfisher Chestnut headed bee eater Indian roller Flame back Sand Martin Wire tailed swallow Red vented bulbul Red whiskered bulbul Asian paradise flycatcher Oriental White eye Long tailed shrike Black drongo Bronze drongo