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Syapru Besi

Pariksita Naidu
Bus for syabrubesiGo machapokhari bus stop for the bus in the morning..9am bus will be the last bus
Ajinkya Deshmukh
Day 2: Sybrubesi (1420 m) to Bamboo (1975 m) to Gumnachowk (2700 m)The actual trek starts today with one having to cross the bridge and go to old Syabrubensi and then further towards Langtang. The route from Syabrubensi is well marked with direction at forks to help. The initial route is all along the Langtang Khola river and a beautiful leisurely walk through the national park with a chance to spot many birds and some animals. Some also start the trek from Briddhim which is further ahead of Syabrubensi to Sherpagaon and to Rimche from there. I started around 7 am from Syabrubensi and reached Bamboo at 11 am. Bamboo is a good place to stop for lunch before camping for the day at Lama hotel or going further upto Gumnachowk. The trail before and after Bamboo is a steep one and one should be aware of altitude sickness if covering more than a km in altitude on the same day. Gumnachowk is a serene riverside place with limited accommodation but breathtaking views. You can start seeing the Langtang Ri peak from here at Sunset and also during sunrise.