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Thulo Syabru

Pariksita Naidu
Ascent towards thulo syabruRested here for 2 days for washing and drying clothes... chill out and rested my feet with blisters
We had delicious lunch in nearby hotel before following the wider trail to Dhunche. Thulo Syabru - Dhunche road was not yet opened for public vehicle as it was still under construction in few sections. During dinner, the hotel owner uncle told us that there is a blue truck that could take us till almost half way to Dhunche but as soon as we got out of the dining hall it moved and never stopped - that means we had no options left except walking almost 20 KM to reach Dhunche. Without worrying much we begin final trek in the wide, dusty and winding road, which went up for around 20-25 minutes then started descending. Rhododendron flowers were the major attraction of the trail as it was making whole forest beautiful. We took the shortcut whenever possible. We had tea in roadside tea-house after reaching Brabal. It was kind of boring as nothing exciting things around - we were down to ~2200m so no glimpse of mountains too. Few KM after crossing Brabal we completely left the motor road and took the short way to Sano Bharkhu. Continuously following the similar track, we stopped after reaching Thulo Bharkhu, where we met the highway that leads to Rashuwagadhi and China. After having 200ml mango juice we waited in the road side to jump in whatever vehicle that comes. After around 10 minutes two containers came and we climbed in the second one that came from Kerung with more than 13 tons of Apple. Dhunche was about 5 KM far. Even that short ride was adventurous enough due to narrow and winding road in the edge of hill, we reached Dhunche after about 15 minutes.