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Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar is a renowned name and an attraction is Jaipur which is famous around the globe. It is adjacent to the other highlight of the city, City Palace. Maharaja Jai Singh started this observatory in the year 1728. The structure of Jantar Matar looks more like a bizzare of sculptures. Yanta Mantr a Sanskrit word is behind the name of the monument which in English means an instrument used for calculation. The place has another added point to its credit in the form of UNESCO World Heritage Site tag. Scholars were sent to foreign countries by the Maharaja before he planned to construct this observatory.
On the same day, from Indiagate we went to Jantar Mantar.Jai Singh II in 1728 built 5 observatory around the country.Jantar mantar the name was derived from 'yanta mantar' which means 'instrument of calculations'.Jai singh was fond of astronomy and he built these observatories in Jaipur,Delhi,Varanasi ,Ujjain and said to be in Mathura.
Akul Bajaj
Jantar mantar is situated on the parliament Street near Connaught place. Visit to this place is a must as it tells us about how Indians wanted to know about the astronomical phenomenon from an early age. I went to Jantar Mantar with my friends and it was really an unforgettable experience which gave us a glimpse of our country's proud history. Nowadays, Jantar Mantar is also a place where crowd gathers for various events. Owing to it's central location at the heart of capital city, it is naturally a center for a lot of events and other activities. A lot of runs are also organized from Jantar Mantar.
Muktadhara Ray
Ancient Science. Instrument to measure time.
Lets Head Out
I started with Jantar Mantar. Though I knew it was in Delhi, I did not know it’s importance. Jantar Mantar [I love this name! Somehow it sounds damn cool to me], is an observatory constructed in order to predict the times of movements of moon and planets. There are 13 instruments here and all of them look absolutely gorgeous with the crimson red color.
Tanya Jain
Situated in the heart of the city, Jantar Mantar is a very small monumental space. At present it has become more a site of protests and Dharnas but nonetheless tourists visit in huge numbers for it is easily accessible and is very short and less time consuming. The dials don't work any longer but still the ruins have been preserved.