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Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar is a renowned name and an attraction is Jaipur which is famous around the globe. It is adjacent to the other highlight of the city, City Palace. Maharaja Jai Singh started this observatory in the year 1728. The structure of Jantar Matar looks more like a bizzare of sculptures. Yanta Mantr a Sanskrit word is behind the name of the monument which in English means an instrument used for calculation. The place has another added point to its credit in the form of UNESCO World Heritage Site tag. Scholars were sent to foreign countries by the Maharaja before he planned to construct this observatory.
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Jantar Mantar
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8. HAUZ KHAS ( Metro - Hauz Khas// Take an auto from Metro Station //Old Broken architecture of a Madarsa of Its Time//The Lake Over There is Smelly //Bars // Clubs// Night Life//Shopping//Fairly Crowded// Couples & Couples//Rockstar Movie Shooting Site// Not a Must Visit- You can skip this one )
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Lets say you found yourself in New Delhi and you planned to visit the great and plush market of Connaught Place . You went there, and shopped around,ate at the awesome food joints & coffee houses which are present in the area, and you found yourself craving a place to go and sit and relax & be one with the nature.Most people will say they prefer the central park of CP but lemme give you an alternative,the huge and sprawling mystery architecture that is JANTAR MANTAR.Located at the western part of CP not too far from the amazing Madame Tussauds wax museum,the complex of JANTAR MANTAR is an observatory. Basically under the patronage of mughals, It was built as an observatory for calculation of time and the passage of the day as the sun goes a full circle from east to west.The area has a park and rows of trees where you can sit and relax.Have a good time away from the hustle and bustle of the overcrowded market.You can find a number of refreshments available outside the gate and then you can enjoy the views of the mysterious structures.There are 4 major observatories which were used a few centuries ago. The most recognizable is the Misra observatory or yantra which could be recognized as it has a similar structure like an inverted heart.The place is quite serene and also very photogenic,you can snap some amazing pictures here .If you want a somewhat peaceful place to maybe take in the shopping that you did or amazing meals that you had , come here and try to walk around the premises.Maybe you will discover something,or more likely you will just find yourself getting photographed.I am just kidding,no personal discoveries can be be achieved here, but maybe you can discover someone else if you get lucky.????Go and visit the place, believe me you will enjoy it wholeheartedly but dont forget to bring the DSLRs because then you will be mad!Peace out!ps- I have included some snaps of mine so you can see the photogenic nature of the place!
Jantar Mantar situated in the heart of delhi i.e cannaught place. -It was very near to rajiv chowk metro station. -Basically it was built by kings of india . --There was a scientific reason behind this majestic building i.e it is used to approxing the time during the day when there was no watches. -So it is very interesting place if you are interested in history of science. You should visit it . -There is 25₹ charge for an indian visitor . -This place has washroom as well as drinking water purifier. Overall it was a very nice experience visiting there. visit there if you want your awesome weekend. You can also visit some of famous nearby places.Please visit this majestic monument situated in the heart of capital of india.