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Kalijai Temple

Mohit Choudhary
Kalijai temple situated on an island of chilika lake. A temple of Goddess Kali.By ship or boat from water complex you will be taken here. Experience an amazing view from the roof of ship.
Matangi Mawley
Only when the king was unable to sort an issue- the villagers went to the police! Still, the son of the old king of the island was well respected member of the community. The boatman said that, of the twenty one islands, 11 of them had people staying in them. Ten of the islands were used for other activities like farming, etc. In one of those ten islands was the bird sanctuary. Then there was Kalijai temple in another. The story of the Kalijai temple was this. Mainlanders never married their daughters to the boys from the islands. But after must persistence, one such marriage was fixed between a main land girl and an island boy. But on the day of the marriage, there was a storm and the boat in which the bride was arriving to the island crashed. The marriage never takes place. The bride is lost in the lake. After a few days, a couple of fishermen hear sounds of a girl crying from one of the islands and inform their king about it. The island is searched but found deserted. The king gets a dream, in which the "lost bride"- named Jai, appears before the king and asks for a temple to be built for her. The king obliges and adds Kali to the girl's name and she becomes the Kalijai deity who guards all the fishermen. It is believed that, after her temple is built, not a single accident has taken place on the lake. There was an occasion when an enemy clan declares war on the King. Though the king doesn't have the numbers, Kalijai appears in his dream and instructs him to prepare for the battle and he prepares to fight. On the day of the "war", the enemy clan see and find many soldiers, all wearing white and around 5 feet tall- and standing around the island, protecting the king's land. The enemy clan retreat. In fact, it were not soldiers but flamingos who suddenly appear that morning and flock surrounding the king's island. Since that incident- the flamingos are called the "King's soldiers"! What are holidays without such folk tales!