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Talsari Beach

Arkoprabho Hazra
8. TALSARI BEACHThe beach isn’t densely crowded, giving you a peaceful time during your visit. Located at the Odisha-West Bengal border, this beach is about 10 km from Digha. The beach is surrounded by tall coconut trees and palm trees which make the surroundings very beautiful. The tides on the beach play hide and seek with the people, when the tides are high you can reach the main beach only by boat and when they are low you can easily walk to the main beach. Tourists are fascinated by the backwaters of the beach, which has to be crossed if one needs to reach the sea.Best Time to Visit: October to December.How to Reach: Take direct buses till Chandaneswar which is only 3 km from Talsari Beach. From Kolkata, Talsari is located at a distance of 190 km.9. UDAIPUR BEACHThe beach is an unexplored virgin beach which is just 3 km away from Digha. The only people you’ll see on the beach are a few fishermen in the nearby huts. They also run makeshift stalls where you can have some delicious seafood while enjoying the cool sea breeze. Every tourist who’s been to the beach claims that the sunrise should not be missed at any cost. If you’re a fish lover then you should definitely give this beach a visit.Best Time to Visit: October to February.How to Reach: Reach Digha either via bus or train. From there you can take some local transport to the beach or even walk till there. The beach is about 185 km from Kolkata.
Debjani Lahiri
Talsari falls under Orrisa state. So, while driving there, I realized, suddenly the language on the hoarding and shop name changed into Oriya, which made me realized that we were now in Orrisa. Talsari, another unexplored sea beach located in Baleshwar district of Orrisa.
Debanjan Ray
2:Talsari Beach: Take a Walk along the Talsari ( a stretch of Palm and coconut tress ) or try walking on the sand dunes.