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Golden Beach

Vinayak Verma
A 3 hour drive took us to the last stop of our road trip; The Puri Beach. After soaking enough of water in the beach, we offered prayers at the Jagannath Temple and had prasadam which is a must have if you are visiting Puri.
Chetali Dh
So our day began with 'EARLY MORNING STROLL' on "GOLDEN BEACH"!!! Puri is blessed with 'Sun Kissed Beaches'; which are beautiful, peaceful, less crowded and ultra clean. We spent almost 2-3 hrs there. After Breakfast we headed for Jagannath Temple, only 15 mins from our hotel. One can easily get a auto or rickshaw.Funny Tale- Whole time Dad was trying to avoid water on Beach, not letting his "NEW SPORTS SHOE" get wet but haha!!! Suppose even Golden Beach wanted him to have some fun; huge tide washed him completely, that was just awesomeeeeee :)