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Postcard Chronicles
This is a place formed by thespian Veenapani Chawla. Head out to this place that has a sunlit stage among the acres of green where you can witness theatre acts performed by renouned artists.Where to stay?For every kind of traveller, Pondy offers a beautiful place to stay. From its super luxurious La Villa, Villa Shanthi, Hotel de L’Orient to affordable homestays, we have it all. For story-book like guest houses head to the white town area and stay in one of the above mentioned places. Most of these places are located in Rue Dumas, Rue Roman Rolland and Rue suffren ( between “rue”means street).If you wish to stay in palatial restored tamil mansions, then you should pick La Maison Tamoule or Maison Perumal. The lemongrass scented rooms and the vintage teak furniture gives you the real essence of our heritage.Where to eat?This by itself needs a separate post. Anyways I have mentioned few places here. For all the food lovers, Pondicherry offers a plethora of cuisine options. If you’re someone who has a penchant for cheese, head to Mango Hill to try these 11 varieties of cheese. To indulge in some exotic French staples , head to Rendezvous or le club. For some European and Asian cuisine, Umami Kitchen is the best. For all the biryani lovers, we do have Kamatchi and Aristo. For Vietnamese cuisine, le Paris is your go to place. If you’re someone who enjoys street food, then you should try the mutton samosas from the street shop bang opposite the railway station. This food stall is city’s famous spot of mutton samosa and soup. Head to Zuka to satiate your chocolate cravings.When should I visit Pondicherry?We only witness different variations of summer. The ideal time to visit the place would be from November to February mid as the weather is pleasant and not burning hot. When you visit Pondy, don’t be surprised by shop keepers with strings of jasmine in their hair conversing in fluent French or if an autorickshaw-driver greets you with a resounding ‘Bonjour’. The French connection is the strongest, which collides with Indian sensibilities to create a concoction that’s uniquely Pondicherry.Pondicherry is a place that makes us pause to find the parts of ourselves we lose while rushing between traffic lights, trapped in glass cabins of the corporate life, chasing the undefined. It is a place that has a part of my heart and my life forever.