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Baner Road

Lafanga Parinda
The Rajmachi Ride was a test of both, the Royal Enfield bikes and the riders capabilities to ride through the unsurfaced tracks made of gravel, stones, rocks, loamy soil, wet mud & other natural terrain. I have been to a lot of places near & around Pune, but Rajmachi was never on my list, so it was about to be a new entry in my travel diary. Exciting!Before the ride the only fact I knew about the ride was that it includes Off-Roading & that was enough to pump me up to be a part of it. Having a pretty less experience riding off-roads, I didn't want to miss this opportunity. I was both nervous & excited , as off-roading is dangerous & does involve high risk.A day before the ride, I was not even sure if I'd be going to be a part of the Rajmachi Ride as I wasn't feeling well, but hoping for the best I slept well to be prepared for the ride.The ride was organised by the Kings Royal Riders group, with a thought of covering & exploring new places to be ridden to , with the hope of active participation & the belief of gathering memories from the ride. 20 bikers were in for the ride, & a mechanic accompanied along this time, to fix any issues if the problem persists during the ride. The ride began from the Kings Autoriders Showroom & it was just a matter of time I felt quite fresh & was no longer feeling ill.