Satara Road

Khevna Pandit
Jakson Inns is all about experiencing your holiday. And, that’s exactly what we were subjected to on day two, when we started out with a dreamy, al fresco set up for our breakfast. We had our share of poha, omelettes and freshly baked muffins with a glass of a refreshing mixed fruit juice for our breakfast set up in the garden area of the hotel – and that set us in the mood to embark on our second day tour. The old-world charm of the table accompanied by birds chirping at the distance and country winds blowing your hair acted as a fantastic kick-start to our day. We set out for our day’s sightseeing shortly after and were enthralled to know that we were visiting the Rajwada palace in Satara city. A sixty kilometre drive to the city and you’ll find yourself standing before a pale blue royal settlement with a heavy wooden door. Constructed in 1824, The Rajwada Palace that also served as a court to the Maratha King Shahu Maharaj is truly an elegant abode. We were disappointed to know that photography was prohibited within the premises, but our eyes captured the regal set up that looked full of life even today. With 11 blocks, the palace boasted of 21 wall portraits, had three wings of which the first one consisted of four court halls and the bar-room, record rooms and government offices on its ground floors. If requested, Jakson Inns can set up a royal breakfast for you at the Rajwada palace with proper prior permission. And, who wouldn’t love that? Amidst the valley of flowers