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Sinhagad Fort

Janhvi Khante
Sinhagad (Lion's fort) or Kondana, located at around 35 km southwest of Pune city, is the pride of the city. The fortress has an elevation of around 1312 m above the sea level. It has got its own breakneck slopes to protect it from all sides. One of the most famous battles on Sinhgad was fought by Tanaji Malusare, a general of Chhatrapati Shivaji of the Maratha Empire in order to recapture the fort in March 1670 AD. He lost his life in the battle, but it was a heroic victory. Usually the Sinhagad trek takes 1.5 hrs, however since all of us in the group were newbies, we took an hour longer. But the journey was most beautiful, the view from every elevating level was becoming interesting to watch, the friendship grew. The new group was becoming a familiar group.
On the 3rd and the last in Pune we had to choose between Shaniwar Wada and Sinhagad Fort. Though there were many other great places in and around the city, we chose Sinhagad Fort and I must say our decision was not disappointing at all. There are two ways to reach the Fort. One is by local bus that you get from Shaniwar Wada. The bus drops at some kilometers away from the fort and from there it’s about 2 to 2.5 hours of hike to the fort. We chose the other option i.e. by cab which dropped us at the gate of the fort and from there too it was a long hike to the topmost point of the fort.
Come with us to Sinhagad fort, Pune for a perfect Monsoon day! :) #monsoontrips #pune #sinhagadfort&t=8s
Kirthiv Anand
Night trek in Sinhgad, Pune is one of the wonderful experiences in my life which I would never forget. If you are planning for a chilled and an adventure filled trek then a night trek in the mountains that stretches from Katrajto Sinhgad is the best choice. We started the trek around 8pm with a group of nine.Take a cab or bus to reach Katraj Bus stop if you are in Pune city. There are lots of jeeps available nearby the Katraj Bus stand which will drop you at the trekking spot starting point. Just inform the driver to drop at the trekking point; he will drop you at the right spot.Initially it was difficult for us to track the route using GPS, once we were on the right track we all felt like we have entered into a fantasy world. As it was a full moon day, the night looked even brighter and felt the moon is travelling very closely with us. Shining stars, dark clouds, silent valleys, and the lonely mountains made our trek poetic. As we progressed with the trek we had to climb up some sloppy steep peaks which had sharp and hard rocks that made our trek more adventurous. But still there are only few such places which was bit difficult climb up and down. Otherwise it is a very simple trek for regular trekkers. Even though we went on a winter as we walked continually we didn't realize the actual cold. But whenever we stopped for a break it was too cold, the walk kept our body warm. There are plain areas where we can build our tent and camp. As the time took us to the dawn, I saw the Sunrise between the two mountains which I had seen only in television and wallpapers. Once sun emerged it scattered yellowish orange color all over the valley. It was such a visual treat for me.
The ShotStory
Monsoon Special Hike : Sinhagad Fort is located roughly 40kms from Pune and is about a 1.5 hours drive from the Pune Station.This place is reachable by bus from the Swargate Bus Depot else shared cabs are also available.