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Sinhagad Fort

The ShotStory
Monsoon Special Hike : Sinhagad Fort is located roughly 40kms from Pune and is about a 1.5 hours drive from the Pune Station.This place is reachable by bus from the Swargate Bus Depot else shared cabs are also available.
Ginny Bansal
Another horrifying fort located in Pune has a lot of stories surrounding it! Atop a cliff, this fort serves as a popular picnic spot despite the many paranormal activities that have taken place. The locals living near the vicinity have actually heard cries from inside the fort late at nights! As alluring as the fort is, most of the travellers desert it before sunset!
Akhil Agarwal
It’s good to be away from the present for a while and break the shackles of boredom and stillness, so to experience a whole new world which is awaiting to amaze you.
Ragini Mehra
11:30 p.m.: We were super excited for our excursion to Sinhagad Fort. Located 30 kilometres southwest of Pune, this 17th century fortress is on a hilltop thus making it a great getaway option from Pune. As we completed the trek, we were rewarded with a number of stalls selling local delicacies like Kandha Bhaji, Kacchi Ambi and Bhakri. Local Maharashtrian food had never tasted better!