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Sinhagad Fort

Amol Sonawane
Sinvha GadSinhagad is a hill fortress located at around 25 km southwest of the city of Pune. Some of the data available at this fort suggest that the fort could have been built two thousand years ago. The carvings and the caves in the “Kaundinyeshwar temple” stand as proofs for the same.The Sinhagad Fort is a popular weekend destination for most of the citizens of Pune, including trekking lovers with access to the top of the fort from the bottom of the Sinhgad village. The trek includes a one-way walk of 2.7 Kilometers (1.6 miles) over which the walker gains about 600 meters (1950 feet) in elevation.
The last trip was actually more touristy! Went to this MTDC resort, next to a stream. With the monsoons there, the place feels heavenly, with clouds, rains, green and water everywhere. Next we went to the Bhaja caves, again 2000 years old! Old Buddhist caves with tasty poha and bhutta around. And last we went up to Singhad fort. The trek is about 2 hours or so, so we couldn't do it. The fort merges so well with the mountains, that its difficult to separate the two! And the view of the valley from the Singhad fort was pleasant to the eyes again, lakes and green and heavenly!
Shalu Khandelwal
If you are a history buff and want to know more about the glorious history of Pune, then Sinhagad Fort should be at the top of your bucket list.
Ridhima Srivastava
Distance from Pune: 50kmStarting Point: Katraj Ghat (most preferred route)Difficulty Level: EasyTrek Length: 2hrs (base to top)Best Season: All year (monsoon preferred)3. Raigad Trek
Shriranjani Rao
Trek up to Sinhagad and enjoy rustic food – One of Shivaji’s forts, Sinhagad is just a 30 min drive from Pune. There are many ways to reach the pinnacle- driving from the foothills, but nothing comes close to a trek. Once atop, you will be greeted by many hawkers (in tents). These guys dish out the tastiest ‘Bhakri’, ‘Pitla’ and ‘Kanda bhaji’, I have eaten. Don’t forget to end your meal with ‘matka dahi.’ All fresh, no preservatives, no added colours. Simple pleasures of life.
Neha Makdey
Prateek Dham
6. Sinhgad Fort makes for a great weekend getaway.

Disha Kapkoti
This medium difficulty level trek is a 11.8 km route in total. The Katraj to Sinhagad Night trek can be your chance to explore the suburbs of Pune. This six to seven hour trek at night should be stared early at night. And yes, along the trail you will witness a bird-eye view of the amazingly lit Pune city.
Shivam Negi
Honestly, tell me, what do you think about a mountains? Honestly, tell me, what do you think about a fort on the the top of mountains?Isn't it incredible? Sinhagad fort is just 30 Kms away from Central Pune and is a a very popular fort, like everyone in Pune knows about this place. Its Height above sea level is 4320 feet and up on the majestic mountains, it has its own glory. But let me tell you a secret, the best time to visit this place is evening hours or early morning. Best thing to do at this place is to trek to the top of the hill and embrace the majestic crimson skies and vistas of Pune. And don't forget to eat 'Pitla Bhakri' and 'Kandha Bhajji' as they are one of the most famous dishes from Puneri Cuisine . There are numerous stalls insidefort and also at the entarance that sells the famous 'Pitla Bhakri' and Kandha Bhajji along with 'dahi'. Enjoy !
Jyoti Mahar Kundu
My favourite part of the entire trip. This place is beautiful in monsoons with tourists and locals flocking this famous spot in pune. This place is especially cramped on weekends thankfully we chose tuesday for this trip and saved ourselves a great deal of pushing and shoving around. The ruins of the fort are located on a hill top. you can drive till the entrance of the fort or trek. Once you reach the entrance the only option is climbing uphill which frankly isn't much at all. As you escalate the temperature starts dropping, and because it was monsoons it got really cold, cloudy and foggy one we reached the hill top.The view from up there is breathtaking,beautiful mountains covered with lush green forests and the sky awash with such vivid colours.But once you have enjoyed the view the cold starts getting to you thankfully there were many shacks there serving hot tea with bhajji and their local cuisine. And i have to emphasise on the food which was so great that i can travel all the way back just for it. A simple homestyle meal but prepared and served with such warmth and love that it takes it to another level. And such great people.We had a great time, the kids had a great time thankfully despite the cold weather!
Rutuja Patil
Early sunrays, omnipresent fog, soothing breeze, mid way on the mountain and greenery; I was relishing this experience. I felt the competition within myself, a contest with self to overcome the lethargy, a determination to reach the top and an urge for accomplishment. This place was welcoming my mood swings...this is the beauty of nature, you can be yourself and you can dip deep into your own thoughts.