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Viman Nagar Social

Nihal Shatak
Viman Nagar Social:-It provides a collborative and workspace and a hub for artists, designers and innovators.A space that blends the best of office and cafe, it is an urban hangout place designed to take you offline while keeping you connected.And wait the workspace has a trampoline? Like Seriously?Well, Yes! It does.For the food, the menu delivers a combination of ingridients , cultures and presentation styles from around the world to open up your taste horizons and let your mind make connections that you wouldn't ordinarily make.
Neekita Singh
We came back to the hotel and drank till all of us passed out. The next day we went to Pheonix Mall to check out Viman- Nagar Social. We got drunk before we could get over with the hangover and exhaustion from the day before, had our lunch and headed back to the hotel as were going to go clubbing in the night. It's pretty obvious that 5 people can't agree to everything. So whenever all of us were in the room together, we fought for deciding places, or we fought for next day plans. In the end, somebody had to agree to disagree always.What happened next was quite unexpected. We planned to go to a cafe for dinner and then to a club. So we dressed up like this is going to be one hell of a night, and it was! One friend had his elder brother in the town who was a Major in the Army. He had to pay them a visit and he invited us too. We were at 11 East Street Cafe around 8 PM when he called from his brother's home and asked us to come. He was already drunk when he called and bribed us into coming saying there would be free booze. Me and my friend threatened the others that if we end up getting bored after skipping clubbing, we would abandon them. Now, us being the cheap fucks that we are, we went for the free booze. We had no idea who this army major was, but boy did he have a great campus and a super cute house, and lived with a dog. He hosted us all night and we were surprised to see how cool he was! There is something about Army guys which makes them so intriguing and interesting.