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Neha Makdey
This is a place for a typical lazy Sunday morning brunch. If you love egg dishes, then you will find Yolkshire food finger licking good. The menu is filled with omlettes with the best possible fillings inside and some sides like tossed potatoes, hash browns, Salami, tossed veggies etc. We ordered Omelette Florenline and Spaniard's Breakfast. Omelette Florenline is a dish with spinach filling in the omelette, topped with fried mushrooms and mushroom sauce. The runny filling inside the omlette just melts in our mouth, tantalizing your taste buds. I would not recommend a particular dish here as everything looks enticing. Order and customize your dish the way you want it and share your experience with me in comments, so that I can try it next time. Vohuman Café, Sassoon Road - Breakfast and Snacks Vohuman Café is one of the oldest and legendary Irani Cafes in Pune. You will get only tea, coffee, milk, bread and omelette. In spite of the simple menu, this café is very popular breakfast destination among Punekars. It opens at 6 am and closes at 6 pm and it will always be crowded. Bun Maska, Tea and Cheese Omelette are the specialty of Vohuman Café.