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Varsoli Beach

Kyle Dsouza
Varsoli BeachVarsoli Beach is about 10 minutes before Alibaug beach. The beach is surprisingly clean and is the perfect family spot to relax. Rows of casuarina trees dotting the shore makes it very picturesque. A few water sport activities as well as jet ski and motor bike rides are available here. Playing cricket or beach football is also ideal. One can find a variety of huts on the beach to sit and grab a bite.
Amrin Subhash
Varsoli beach is an isolated beach as compared to the other beach we visited Nagaon Beach. Also you can enjoy water sports here as well..The raod which leads to Varsoli beach is calm and quite you can even hear your footsteps while you are walking and also different birds chirping around.There are also many small cottages available on the way to this beach you can explore them in term of cost and comfortness. We had very cute guide (A dog) while we were heading towards the beach early in the morning, it was very smart knew where we were heading to.We didnt had to ask anyone about the way towards the beach while we where with this smarty.
Amrin Subhash