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Kheerganga Camping

sharit sharma
We camped at Kheerganga, spend our Saturday night in between mesmerising "Parvati Valley" & take a dip in hot water spring knows as " PARVATI KUND" . Had chillam with locals & in these 2 days, I realised that I lost my heart in " Parvati Valley" & found my soul their.'All the birds have flown up & gone,A lonely cloud floats leisurely by.We never tire of looking at each other,Only the mountains & I'.(Anonymous)
Rachita Saxena
Ramyani Biswas
Day5: Kheerganga to ToshWe woke up at 8am, but the rays of sunlight couldn’t be felt outside our tent, it was going to take almost another hour to reach us. So around 9 we also took bath in the hot-spring about which I have told earlier. The place is very nicely maintained and they don’t even charge anything for it. Above the bathing area there is a Shiva temple, it is said to be the highest in the world and the villagers highly respect it. After having lunch, we started around 1pm in the afternoon back to Tosh.This time it was tricky as the fact is going up is tiring but coming down is risky, we need to balance our body and also make sure that our parents were also able to make it. Around 4 in the evening we reached Rudranag which was just the half way. We became pretty certain that it will be dark before we reach Tosh or Barshaini. At the end it was dark. Descending the muddy trails while having one torch for four people was difficult but courage and patience played it’s role and we were safely standing on the river bank searching the bridge in dark which was again a difficult task. At least two times we lost our track in the forest but then finally we found it, looking at footprints of the horse and standing on a higher elevation from the ground to find our path. After reaching the main road, there was another task of finding a taxi to go to Tosh, because this time it was impossible to hike. Luckily we found a taxi near the Dam in Barshaini. Then very peacefully we reached hotel, had dinner and slept.
Ramyani Biswas
Day4: Tosh to KheergangaThe final trek begins! We unloaded whatever extra material we had and left it with the hotel manager. One can fully trust them. There are very rare cases of any kind of violence or theft there. We carried only 2 college bags along with us, as packing less and efficiently is always the most imp. rule to be followed. The trek was 12 km in length, passing through the jungle trails, the wild cows, mules, streams, landslides and a small village called ‘Nakthan’. The most exciting part of a trek is that the road is not defined only the destination is fixed, have you ever heard any type of violence in the mountains from the trekkers..No! they are extremely peace loving and god-fearing people, if ever you got lost, you will always find the way. So, after completing 6km of trek we reached ‘Rudranag’, it’s a waterfall named after the shiv temple over there, we took some rest and continued our journey. Passing another small bridge beneath it, was one of the most wonderful magic of nature, I was feeling really blessed to see the mighty river in action looking extremely white in colour and in full strength. After around 3km, the last 3km is a little bit steeper, so the acesending is tough, but we continued and reached Kheerganga around 6 in the evening.Altough I was little bit upset, as it has so many tents spread all over the area, making it impossible to have full view of the valley. But for human to survive money is important so, that place is also commercialized now. We took a tent and spend the night, as the weather was cloudy we could not witness the milky way otherwise that place is known to treat it's visitors with the panoramic view of outer milky way at night. Then we went inside our tent and slept, regaining our energy for the next day’s adventure.
Noopur Gaikwad
– It is located at a height of about 3050 meters, and lies at the extreme end of the Parvati valley. Kheerganga Trek is very famous among the trekkers. It offers a panoramic view of the snow clad Himalayas and the vibrant green canopy of the trees. Kheerganga has a natural hot water spring which is a delight for the body after the long exhausting trek.