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The Ridge

Sumeet Dansena
The actual scenic route starts from here. Ask for directions and move towards the ridge from here. The beautiful scenes of the valley that you get in this route are just beyond words to express. Moreover, the area around Vidhan Sabha is covered with pine trees. Do not forget to collect some pine cones; after all free souvenirs never hurt. On your way to ridge, you’ll cross path with some notorious monkeys, be vigilant. The distance between Vidhan Sabha and Ridge is little less than 2 kms and would take around 40 to 50 minutes. The ridge is one of the tourists' hotspot of the town and if you are lucky enough, you may reach there in afternoon when the crowd is minimal. Little ahead of ridge you’ll find Christ church. Do make a point to visit this place considering it one of the tourist attractions of the town.
Ragul P G
The Ridge: The Sun was completely out and all of a sudden the entire sky was almost filled with colors. Everyone started screaming "Happy Diwali!!". Everything was going good until a series of rockets started rushed into the streets. It created a chaos and we were running here and there. And all our expectations came true. Yeah! A different Diwali.Standing at the center of the Ridge road we could just see almost everything, the Scandal Point, the Christ Church and most importantly the central tower carrying our National Flag which was fluttering crazily in that cold breeze. We were relaxing ourselves and enjoying it's majesty. A freezing cold night, a cup of a chai, switched off phones and staring at that colorful sky was just had been my dream for all these years.
Pooja Chatterjee
The Ridge: A great time to visit the Ridge is at night. The church, the national flag, are all lit up beautifully and one can easily capture the moving clouds in the light. Its pleasantly chilly and completely safe to sit here and enjoy the view of the mountains. Day 3: Green Valley, Water catchment sanctuary, Annadale