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Jurong Bird Park

One of the most beautiful things about Singaporians is that they take immense care of their biodiversity. The Jurong Bird Park is full of marvellous birds and flying species and will leave you stunned.
Neha Manavi
Last day at Singapore- Jurong Bird Park:Unlike other bird park I must say this bird park did astonish me.
Kaushik Rao
Aisha Dwivedi
Today was the last day in Singapore typically you should spend a week here but since my itinerary was packed so it was a bit hectic. Jurong Bird Park is very different and enjoyable especially with the bird shows and the owl museums. After coming back I went for shopping at Orchard Street. I am a fan of exquisite cosmetics so for me Skin Products like Mandy T and other local brands were just like paradise. All of us had our flights at different times travelling to different places. I was the last, also I had a transit flight through Bangkok. I felt so nice after visiting Singapore that may be I would try to shift here for some time.p.s I have not been very particular about the photographs posted here, I just posted few most are in my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Hope you liked my travel blog (safarnama)
Rohit Singh
Visited the world's best bird park "Jurong Bird Park". Please plan the bird park early morning or else you can miss the bird feeding shows in the morning and some attraction in the evening.It will take one full day to cover the lovely bird park.
One of the most phenomenal places to visit in Singapore, the Jurong Bird Park is where you can savour close interactions with a plethora of birds during their feeding sessions. The bird shows are equally entertaining and watching our colourful feathered friends perform is almost surreal. The park has a fascinating collection of around 400 species of birds in their naturalistic environments and is therefore yet another hallmark of Singapore tourism.
Reetwik Jha
Jurong Bird Park Amazing Bird show at the amphitheatre.
Amrita Kapoor
Day 2 - Visit the Jurong Bird Park. You can take the MRT easily from Concorde Hotel to Jurong Bird park (you would need to transfer lines). The local bus takes you from The MRT station to the park. For exact bus numbers and MRT routes, you can contact your hotel tour desk (who was very helpful in our case). You are likely to be done with the park by 4 pm. Keep a less busy evening, maybe just strolling around the malls near the hotel as your child is very likely to be exhausted (from previous day's travel). End the day early
Divya Chandrashekhar
Jurong bird park-Paradise of AvesThis is Asia's largest bird park with more than 5000 birds with around 380 species its an open-concept park.One can take hop on board guided trams or take a leisurely stroll around the park and explore the lush jungles.It was an colourful paradise with unforgettable experience with the feathered friends.The bird shows are a must see with an entertaining line up of shows throughout the day the pelican chit chat at the pelican cove,the high flyers show at the pools amphitheater,Kings of the skies at the Hawk arena left me to marvel at the abilities of the winged beings.
Priyanka Nayak
Jurong Bird Park Spend time with birds the flamingos the parrots the penguins they are so cute ;) If you are a bird lover enjoy bird watching do not miss visiting the Jurong bird park. Feed them pose with them you will love it. Don't miss a picture with the parrots here :)
Priyanka Nayak
Night Safari - One of Singapore's famous attractions. A tramp ride, watch a show at the amphi theatre and the fire dance. You could skip this and rather spent more time at the Jurong Bird Park, where you could spend more time with the birds.
Rajat Gupta
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Bhargavi Rathi
Jurong Bird Park is well said to be the home of colours of the world. It is also Asia’s largest bird park with a collection of more than 5,000 birds across 400 species. When you start you will see so many kinds of penguins which will make you curious to read about them. After this we walked and saw hornbills , Waterfall Aviary where peacocks were dancing as it was about to rain. The best place was Lory Loft, the biggest lory flight aviary where you can feed the birds. If you have kids above 5years do not forget them see The Breeding & Research Centre where you can see eggs turning to birds.
Amrita Kapoor
Saee T
Jurong Bird Park is all colourful with a wide variety of birds that you can see almost everywhere around the park. The High Flyers Show is the "man of the match" with the trained birds performing awesome acts. The little tram helps with less walking and takes you around the park.
Ruchi Jain
This place has various interactive shows which is held there and the birds actually sit on your shoulders and even say hello to you if you are lucky enough. I was not, unfortunately ! The park has a collection of over 5000 birds from 400 species. The multicolored creatures can also be fed. From pelicans to penguins you can feed them all.
Anuradha Saha
If you are a animal lover or a nature lover you would love this place. I really liked spending time here. Do stay and participate in atleast one of the many shows that they host. Its heartening to the feed the penguins or the storks. The tiny tots just loves the activities. My personal favourite is the Bird Show.