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Singapore Zoo

2. Singapore Zoo
2. Singapore Zoo - Set in the rainforest environment, Singapore Zoo is known for its open concept. Animals here are not caged up in tiny cages. Instead, they live in their spacious natural habitat. It's opened every day of the year and offers two interesting options to choose from. Night Safari River Safari Both are quite unique, but I personally prefer the latter. The ideal way is to cover it on foot and align your visit to the shows to have a more engaging experience. End your trip with a much talked about - River Safari. Here a small boat will take you through different parts of the jungle.
Isha Saxena
One of the best-kept Zoo in the world and the most famed for its maintenance and close interactions with all the animals. It is a different experience watching the white tiger up close and the Asian lion lazying around. The zoo was slightly underwhelming for me and I would instead recommend a half day tour culminating with the showstopper, night safari. Entry fee - 84SGD Inclusive of the zoo, bird park, river safari, night safari, and tram. Book your tickets in advance as the queues on the spot are too time-consuming. And reach the Night Safari well in time to secure a spot.
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Afternoon: Singapore Zoo & River SafariDuration 4-5 hoursAfter Jurong bird park, we booked the grab cab and reached Singapore zoo. The Singapore Zoo is divided into three parts; the main Singapore Zoo, the River Safari, and the Night Safari. They are located right next to each other, with just a 2-minute walk on a solid pathway.Singapore Zoo: We recommend that reaching zoo in the morning by 11am would be best . This will give you enough time to get through all the exhibits at a leisurely pace.
Aditi & Deepak
Singapore Zoo is one of the largest rainforest zoos in the world. Enjoy the orang-utans as they swing high above their platforms and catch bananas on the go. Be sure to admire the chimpanzee family, the zebras, mole rats, white tigers, kangaroos, meerkats, a Komodo dragon and several other creatures from all over the world. Best of all, you can have breakfast with the orang-utans, a special program that allows you to get close to these clownish simians.