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Singapore Zoo

Yasmin Mirza
SINGAPORE ZOO :Singapore zoo provides you a great opportunity to see those animals which you haven't seen yet. So if you are in Singapore take 1 day off and visit this place.Visiting Time : Mon-Sun 8AM–6PMBest Time to visit : It will take a complete day so plan accordingly.For Detail Visit : Fees :
This day we also traveled and experienced the feel of City buses in Singapore. They are air conditioned and less crowded buses with a good frequency. We commuted from Ang Mo Kio to Zoo in the bus, where Night Safari was also in our itinerary.
Varsha  Singh
Singapore with drizzle welcomed our arrival. After checking in the hotel, we slept for sometime because of jet lag and later in the evening woke up to explore the new destination. Ramada had a connecting small mall which had few shops and a good store for daily needs (somewhat a better version of Indian Big Ba...). One can have dinner inside the mall as there were few eateries but they usually close down by 9 pm. P.S.- buy chocolates from here as you can get them at good price.After a lovely breakfast we went to explore Singapore and our first destination was Singapore zoo. It was a whole day affair and very tiring but was worth it. You can book the tickets online. After reaching the zoo, one has to take the printout of the ticket. P.S.-please switch off the flash before clicking the photos as it frightens the wildlife their. Do carry water bottles with you. Once finished you can easily fill them from the purified water tap provided their.After completing the zoo, we also had to go for night safari but the timing was 5 pm . There was a gap of 1 hour or so. Their were different eateries at the entry of the zoo,after all the walking the food looked more delicious.P.S.- you can buy souvenirs from various shops their and chocolates as well.The night safari was another amazing experience. As the tram made twist and turns our heart skipped beats. Everyone in their minds were anticipating to see a Tiger. One of the reason why the night safari was thrilling was because it was all in dark only animals were visible. It gave a real time experience of the Jungle.P.S.- don't be afraid.It can be booked online and it was a good tour. The whole day went in while visiting various places in Singapore. It may be a 20 km country but It has a lot to offer to tourists. Once you get acquainted to this place it will never leave you. In the evening we visited orchard road the hub for shopping.P.S.- buy charles and keith bags its worth the priceUber is available as well as local taxi services.
Kavitha Preetha
You could get down at Khatib MRT station and catch Mandai express shuttle bus just outside the station which directly takes you to the zoo. Catch the same bus on your return journey also to reach Khatib MRT. Singapore zoo is spread across acres of land divided into several ‘kingdoms’ which has a animals either walking/flying around you :) or just in front of you with a glass partition in between. Several animals that are not commonly seen in zoos in other parts of the world can also be spotted here. Do not forget to grab a map to make sure you cover all of them and check out the show timings to come back later for interesting interactive sessions.
Anoop Jain
We were supposed to return to Malaysia in the evening and so, we decided to visit the Singapore zoo on the way! It has a variety of animals, reptiles and birds. It can be visited one time. This is also a place where one needs to keep walking and walking and walking. Care needs to be exercised to not be dehydrated. Do carry your own water bottles. There's also River Safari in there, for which you need to purchase tickets separately. It's not included in the zoo tickets. The name itself suggests that a boat takes us around for sightseeing. But nothing of that kind happened. They just took us to an end and came back and we saw no animal. I'm not kidding, not even a single fish in the water. It was really really disappointing. Do not waste your money on this. But apparently, the Night Safari inside the zoo is worth it seems. I didn't experience that due to time constraints. But I saw the reviews and it said, do not miss the Night Safari. So yeah, you can rest for a considerable amount of time after the Universal Studios visit and go to the Singapore zoo by afternoon or evening and have fun. Hope you enjoy your trip. Have a happy journey. Bubbye!
Sushma Neeraj
This day we also traveled and experienced the feel of City buses in Singapore. They are air conditioned and less crowded buses with a good frequency. We commuted from Ang Mo Kio to Zoo in the bus, where Night Safari was also in our itinerary.
2. SINGAPORE ZOOThe Zoo is one of the top attractions in Singapore.You can see otters, pygmy hippos, giant crocodiles, lions, zebras, rhinoceroses, orangutans and many many other animalsThere are 4 options to choose from.Singapore Zoo – see more than 2 800 animals representing over 300 species of mammals, birds and reptiles.Jurong Birds Park – 5 000 birds across 400 species, it is ome of the largest free-flying aviaries in the world.Night Safari – see over 1 000 animals in their naturalistic nighttime habitats.River Safari – one of the world’s largest collections of freshwater fauna, more than 6 000 animals including 40 threatened species.
Visit Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park esp. if you are with kids.
Shaunak Bhattacharjee
The Night Safari was a wonderful experience. We saw lions at a few hands distance with nothing but some tall grasses separating us. There were elephants, leopards, giraffes, hyenas, gaurs, flamingoes, zebras and a variety of other wild animals.
Mayank Maheshwari
My first sight seeing encounter was with the Singapore Zoo also known as the World’s best rainforest zoo and you will surely agree with this when you experience it. Singapore Zoo has been known to have among the most beautiful settings in the world, where animals roam freely in open and natural habitats. There are other interesting activities (of course paid) which you can be a part of like wildlife tours, camps, dining with animals, animal feeding, etc.
Neyha Jain
Daytime attractions: Visit the Singapore Zoo, Bird Park, Botanical Gardens or the Macritchie treetop walk during your free daytime. These are good excursions which are well maintained natural spaces and call for your one time visit. Make sure of your timings before you head to them. There are tiny islands around Singapore where you can reach through a ferry. They are ideal for picnics, cycling and snorkelling.
Also known as the world's most beautiful rainforest zoo, the Singapore Zoo brings you up close and personal with animals in their naturalistic habitat and is the most exciting of all the things to do in Singapore. Say hello to white tigers and giraffes while being separated by moats and glass walls, as a matter of course. The zoo also comes with a thrilling Night Safari experience which should absolutely be a part of your Singapore itinerary.
Bhupinder Mittal
There is so much to see and do, from amazing Universal Studios, Dolphin show ,the incridible Singapore Zoo to some of the worlds top shopping in Orchard Road and ofcourse night life @ Clarke quay.We stayed in Punggol Central, with distance from Airport was around 15 KM. The Taxi cost us 19$ and once we travelled by bus which cost us 2$ ( for two tickets).Their shuttle service is as good as their Taxi.
Amrita Kapoor
Instead you can schedule a quick freshen up at the hotel, and head out to Clarke Quay. This is the night-life spot (we adults also need our share of fun right! ;) ) with plenty of fine dining restaurants. Indulge in some wine and dine experience by the river while your little one can much on some fries and sip on coke. It doesn't hurt for them to take a quick nap after a long day, while you adults enjoy your evening.
Divya Chandrashekhar
Singapore ZooThe Singapore zoo formerly known as the Singapore zoological gardens and locally called as the Mandai zoo is known for having the most beautiful wildlife park settings in the world where animals roam freely in open and naturalistic habitats.The Zoo shows are must see for both young and old.The shows are truly incredible and a marvel to see capabilities of animals.
Bhargavi Rathi
The beautifully designed zoo where animals live in naturalistic habitats, you have options to trek along foot tracks or hop on to a guided tram to see natural endangered animals and the world’s largest collection of proboscis monkeys. Few place like rainforest will make your day, as few animals are left open in the area. We saw big monitor lizard, butterfly just crossing us. Elephant show and other shows are an amazing experience not to be missed so please be on time. The best part was to see the orang utans jumping all over. You can either carry your own meal or try Ah Meng Kitchen, Casa Italia. however do not forget to carry water and some juice for instant energy.
Prahlad Raj
Can easily spend 5-6 hours.. Lovely place to walk around at your own pace and see the beautiful animals.
Shine P
Ruchi Jain
Singapore Zoo is a must visit place for all the animal lovers. Being an animal lover, this place was cherished by me. One gets an opportunity to communicate with animals and birds who wander freely in their surrounding. There are over 300 species and 2800 animals found in the zoo. The zoo has a open concept approach which allows tourists to interact with animals like giraffe, zebras and kangaroos but with utmost safety and protection.
Shantanu Trailokya
If you are a wildlife enthusiast, this is a right place for you. If you like to capture wild life through the lenses, this is the rigjt place for you. With more than a thousand species of animals in their natural habitat, this zoo is one of the bestestest zoos of the worlds and very very well maintained one. Definitely should be on the list.
Anuradha Saha
And I lovingly saw panda and red panda here ! Yayy..I was so happy ! Just love looking at cuddly pandas.
We love the way Singapore Zoo has been designed; there isn't a cage in sight. For the most part, all that separates the wildlife are dry and wet moats, rock walls and streams. You can sit with the Orangutans, gaze at a Polar Bear flopped down next to his ice cave and feed the Elephants. The zoo, which turned 40 this year, has over 2,800 animals. If you tire of walking around the 26 hectares these creatures call home hop onto a tram and experience the zoo at your own pace. Then, head over to the River Safari and don't forget to get to the giant pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia, and make a stop at the Squirrel Monkey Forest, too, where the little ducks are free to run around you. After the entertaining Creatures of the Night show, hop onto the run for the 40-minute guided Night Safari.