Parampara Patil Hashmi
In our own individual kayaks, we were in the middle of a stunning wallpaper like frame. There were conversations and there were brief moments of silence. On reaching the opposite shore, we hiked up to the Ringgenberg Church to sip on some hot fruit tea that Dave had carried for us. The view, the tea and the moment that we were living in had paused time.You know how some experiences are rejuvenating from the inside? We were in the middle of one such experience.On our trip back, we hardly spoke.The sun was beginning to set and we could witness the last rays of the winter sun shining on the snowcapped peaks of the surrounding mountains.This was the perfecting ending to the day! The perfect end to my first Swiss experience!This was the perfect end to #TheBlindList, the one where the best decision that I made was by going with the idea of #SayYesToTheWorld.I've always loved planning. It gives me the thrills for the trip. What to do, what to eat, where to stay, how many days... everything is thought through! But what when the plan goes wrong?I am so glad this trip happened. For once, things didn't go as per my plan and that was the best thing to happen! Because how else would I have pushed myself to get out of the comfort zone and explore newer horizons.