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Laknavaram Cheruvu

Finally at 12:00 pm we reached the lake. The first look at the lake gave us the feeling that how majestic this lake is. It is spread over 10,000 acres and with 13 islands in it, surrounded by deciduous forest. The lake is built during Kakatiya rule in 12th and 13th centuries.
Karim S A
Small islands interspersed in this Lake add to the beauty, but what leaves you speechless is the hanging bridges connecting these mini islands. And this lake is famous for these hanging bridges. Post Monsoon is the best time to visit this lake, since the lake is full to its brim, the lush forests are alluringly greener on all the sides and the road leading to this place makes it a visual treat. The Kakatiya rulers were the first to discover this hidden lake. The tranquil surroundings make you relax and add a soothing effect on your mind, body and soul.
Sneha Reddy
The lake was the discovery of ancient Kakatiya rulers. They spotted this excellent place amidst trees and green hills lined up around to hold the rainwater. The Kakatiya rulers only built a small sluice gate turning the place into a spacious lake which now feeds thousands of acres of agricultural land every year. It lies within the limits of Laknavaram village near Mulug, about 70 km from Warangal. It is a perfect haunt for bird watching in winter.