The Best Things to do in Cesky Krumlov.. The Czech Republic beyond Prague


Meandering river encircling a medieval town, a perched castle, and illustrious gardens are a compelling reminder of the romanticism that goes beyond the few urban centers. Prominent among Europen Visitors, the historical city of Cesky Krumlov is mysteriously unrevealed to travel aficionados back home, satisfying themselves with glimpses of the Charles Bridge or the Wenceslas Square.

Located in the south of the country in close proximity to Germany and Austria, Cesky Krumlov is a destination for the laid back souls, a city devoid of motorized vehicles, glittering clubs, tourist commotion nonetheless a serene atmosphere, calm Vltava river, and a scenic backdrop.

I am inclined to places lacking overly tourist activities, they shift the focus denying the magnificence nature has to offer. Cesky Krumlov is no different and I have compiled a list of a few things that must be done other than obviously wandering around the city purposelessly.

Birds Eye View of Cesky Krumlov

No view can be superior to being on the topmost point of a city and watching the magnificence underneath you. Take tickets to the Castle Tower and walk to the top and rest requires no explanation.

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Cesky Krumlov in Historic Times

Included in the price of the Castle Tower, is the ticket to the museum. Skip the museum and head down to the theatre, where the movie of Cesky in historic times is played. Sit for a few minutes and you shall appreciate what you see.

Food at Papa's followed by Chocolates at Bon Bon

A pleasant meal is an additional fascination in a tourist place and one spot I recommend is the Papa's restaurant, order the mouth-watering ribs or a steak at a seating beside the river. Complete the feast and head to Bon Bon Chocolate store for some heavenly chocolates or a cup of hot chocolate

Stay at a Pension Home

A colloquial term for B&B, the pension homes are a nice change. Nonintrusive family homes are a nice change from the hotels and hostels across the country, enjoy the homemade breakfast and head out to explore the city and some more mouth watering delights.

Shop at Botanicus , Tilia or Kohinoor Hardmuth

A home developed beauty care product brand, Botanicus is a prominent store with a global patronage. Spend some time there and you shall be pleased with their collection. Tilia is an artist's delight with lovely wooden toys, made to perfection.

Savour the Trdelinks

These rolled dough pastries are so tempting that you cannot ignore them even if you want. Small kiosks cooking trdelinks, sprinkled with sugar, served with ice cream and choice of nuts are a visual delight and a must try when in Czech republic.

Revolving Theatre

Most European cities share the love of - Dramas, Theatres & ballets and so does Cesky, with an exceptional experience in an open theatre set in the natural and breathtaking scenery of the Castle Gardens with the Ballarie Summer residence in the background.

Rafting on the Vltava river, visiting the various museums or shopping for some moldavites, Cesky Krumlov has something to satiate any tourist.

Cesky Krumlov exudes an impossible to miss romanticism that is seldom found and emerges as an absolute necessity when in the Czech Republic.

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