Let's Lohagad!

Photo of Let's Lohagad! 1/17 by Paras Mohamed
To photograph a photographer.

Pune? Budget travel? Weekend Getaway? Trek? 

Here is your answer! LOHAGAD FORT and a trek from there. Monsoon and the forts around Pune are a mind-blowing combination. The best part about all these forts and treks are that every trip here is a budget trip where you spend money only for your food and travel. But, trust me. These trips during monsoons are much more worthy than the meager sum of amount you invest on it.

I am a person who gets high when I see places which are naturally rich and makes you feel like earth is just blessed to have all these places with it. I travel, and I never forget my camera when I do. So,This one is about the tromance of a non chaotic, nature loving, self funded travel photographer and the feel which a shutterbug gets when he is bit by a travel bug! 

Photo of Let's Lohagad! 2/17 by Paras Mohamed

When nature shows you who the BOSS is!! 

Photo of Let's Lohagad! 3/17 by Paras Mohamed

Let me show you the first person view.

Photo of Let's Lohagad! 4/17 by Paras Mohamed

How far does it look green?This far!  

Photo of Let's Lohagad! 5/17 by Paras Mohamed

F for Fort. F for Food.

Photo of Let's Lohagad! 6/17 by Paras Mohamed

OLD, Strong and Heavy!

  Photo of Let's Lohagad! 7/17 by Paras Mohamed

Cute is her second name!

 Travel not only teaches you life, it also teaches you to take good candid pics of strangers.

Photo of Let's Lohagad! 8/17 by Paras Mohamed

No matter how costly you built your house, it is not as cool as this! Period. 

Photo of Let's Lohagad! 9/17 by Paras Mohamed

Who sees the color play?Or is it just me?

Saffron in the top ,White with blue in the center and green on the bottom.

Photo of Let's Lohagad! 10/17 by Paras Mohamed

Too high Bruh, can't pose! 

Photo of Let's Lohagad! 11/17 by Paras Mohamed

Always remember, You are not the only one with a camera!

Photo of Let's Lohagad! 12/17 by Paras Mohamed 

Was I scared? Hell, yeah! 

Photo of Let's Lohagad! 13/17 by Paras Mohamed

Let's color pop Green, Green vs other colors. GREEN WINS! 

Photo of Let's Lohagad! 14/17 by Paras Mohamed

Almost there!

Photo of Let's Lohagad! 15/17 by Paras Mohamed

That view. Woah! 

Photo of Let's Lohagad! 16/17 by Paras Mohamed

Start loving places, Do some tro-mance! 

Photo of Let's Lohagad! 17/17 by Paras Mohamed

Finally when you remove your shoes and dip your legs into water after a trek. PRICELESS!

-The Photographer's archive,

Paras Mohamed.