9 Enticing Places to Visit from Mumbai This September 


Are you stuck in the chaos of Mumbai and wondering where to head off for a refreshing getaway? Well, here's a list of 9 breathtaking places that I guess you probably might know about already - so, why not just escape for a couple of days of rejuvenation?


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Surrounded by five hills, Panchgani is located 244kms away from Mumbai. This place boasts of stunning panoramic viewpoints to enjoy sunrise/sunset and has Asia's second-largest mountain plateau called The Table Land. It receives moderate rainfall and is also popular for other places like Sydney Point, Parsi Point, Lingmala Falls & Devil's Kitchen.

Itinerary: Start early from Mumbai and the best way to reach is by bus which takes usually 5-6h. Plan a 2D/1N stay at luxe hotels to container Zostels!


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Located 134 km away from Mumbai, this place thrives to its best version during monsoons. It is situated at an average height of 700m in the Sahyadri ranges amidst the lush greenery everywhere around and has multitudinous waterfalls. Indulge yourself in the spectacular views and activities like trekking, hiking to the Harishchandra Fort or Ajoba Hillfort. Other attractions here are the beautiful Malshej Falls, temples, and dams.

Itinerary: The best way to reach here is by taking a 4 hours car drive through the picturesque valleys and lakes on the way. Best to plan during weekends!


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This verdant green place in the Sahyadris is dotted by many waterfalls, forts and is surrounded by deep forests. Mulshi Dam and Lake, located 164 km away, proves to be an amazing monsoon trip from Mumbai to relax and slow down. Forts like Koraigadh and Dhangad in the vicinity are welcoming to many tourists.

Itinerary: Take a 4hr car drive from Mumbai for a 1D trip. This place gets crowded during monsoons weekends so better plan a weekday trip to relax peacefully.


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Mahabaleshwar is the most sought-out monsoon trips from Mumbai and is known as the land of strawberries as it accounts for more than 85 percent of total strawberries produced in India. Located 263 km from Mumbai, this place is popular for its lush green peaks, valleys such as Elephant's Headpoint and Arthur's Seat, waterfalls like Chinaman's and Dhobi; and Mahabaleshwar Temple. A complete package of weekend rejuvenation, isn't it?

Itinerary: Take a scenic 6hr drive from Mumbai by car to reach and plan a weekend stay at a variety of options such as budget hotels hostels as well as resorts. You can also reach by frequently running buses connecting Mumbai.


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Located 120 km away from Mumbai, Igatpuri is popularly known for the Vipassana International Academy for meditation. Apart from this, its enticing valleys, waterfalls, old forts, and majestic mountains cannot be ignored. Places like Camel Valley, Bhatsa River Valley, Konkankada Valley, Kalsubai Peak, Vihigaon Waterfall, Randha Falls, and Tringalwadi Fort are major sites to visit while in Igatpuri to have unforgettable memories.

Itinerary: A 3hr drive and 2D/1N stay at Igatpuri will allow you to have utmost enjoyment with slow travel. Several stay options are available there and in-city transportation is also quite good.


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Khandala has always been a popular weekend respite for people in Mumbai. The favorite hangout spot is just 80 km away from Mumbai and is home to misty mountains, picturesque lakes and waterfalls, lush green valleys to refresh your senses. It is close to its twin hill station Lonavala (3kms away) and thus a visit to Khandala can always be paired with Lonavala visit as well. One can enjoy a short trek to Duke's Nose Peak, Kalra Hills and Lohagad Fort which give mesmerizing views to the trekkers.

Itinerary: Plan a 2D/1N visit to Khandala and along with it you can add Lonavala and Kajrat (7 km away) to your trip to fully soak in the monsoon season amidst the greenery. There are several budget hotels and hostels available as well as luxe resorts and villas at any of these places.


Being the smallest hill station in India, Matheran is located 85 km away from Mumbai. It is popular for its vehicle-free, red-soil roads that take you to a world of verdant green hills offering scenic views and clean air. Dodhani Waterfalls, Chanderi Caves, Charlotte Lake, Porcupine Point and Rambhag Point are some of the most popular places there.

Itinerary: An early morning 2h drive from Mumbai would land you here where you can plan a day to enjoy the clean environment of Matheran and can also return back the same day.


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Being close to Amba river, this place, located 77 km away from Mumbai, thrives to its best during September. Lake Kalote nestled amidst thick forests set the perfect scene to take a nice, refreshing dip or a romantic walk. There are also two Ganesh Temples nearby to visit. It served as a battlefield earlier but now is a secluded and peaceful place for weekend revival.

Itinerary: A 2 hr car drive and 2D/1N stay at the beautiful Durshet Forest Lodge is a must to experience the place to its fullest.


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Situated 134 km away from Mumbai, Jawhar's main attraction is the Dabdaba Falls surrounded by dense forests and becomes most alive during monsoons. Besides this, it boasts of places like Kalmandvi Falls, Sunset Point, Jai Vilas Palace, Bhoaptgarh Fort, Shirpamal and Hanuman Point. A hike to the fort or waterfall is highly recommended for adventure enthusiasts.

Itinerary: A 3 hr car ride to Jawhar is the best way to reach here and spend weekend with your friends and family.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and set out on a relaxing weekend trip from Mumbai to these beautiful places before September slips away!

Already traveled to any of these places during monsoons? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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