10 Places In Rajasthan Where You Can Shop Till You Drop


If you are going to Rajasthan soon, then you must think of the places you need to visit the things you should do and how soon to return. however, there is one important thing you need to take care of: shopping. From colorful trinkets to spices and old school jewelry and even leather goods, there is a lot to see and buy in Rajasthan. So, without further ado here are a few places in Rajasthan where you can shop till you drop:

In Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the top cities in Rajasthan and is among one of the best places to go shopping in the state. Colloquially called the pink city, if you have a shopping bag, Jaipur is going it to fill it for you. There are a lot of traditional goods and souvenirs that you can take home from Jaipur. From Handicrafts to ethnic artifacts and colorful clothes, every market in Jaipur needs exploring.

1. Johari Bazar

Johari Bazar is a Paradise for jewelry lovers. Every year, a throng of female tourists from all over the country flock to Johari Bazaar in search of the next best thing in their jewelry collection. Be it gold or a piece of made with semi-precious stones, this market will make your eyes glitter. If you are a fan of handmade jewelry you are going to find plenty of great specimens here. We recommend that you go for jewelry with a warranty, regardless of whether they are expensive or cheap.

2. Bapu Bazar

Not that far from Johari Bazar, this the colorful market is a one-stop destination for unique knick-knacks. Enjoy puppet shows in midst of rustic pink buildings get your hands on traditional Rajasthani textile accessories and Handloom products. Even if you are a budget shop you will find all that you like it very pocket-friendly price. Other than this there More market like Kishanpol Bazar and Chandpol Bazar along with Sireh Deori Market.

In Jodhpur

You can also shop surrounded by the panoramic vista of Mehrangarh Fort when in the Blue City. Whether you want to buy antiques or traditional Rajasthani accessories, there is stuff here that you will not be able to resist.

3. Clock Tower Market

This market is under the iconic Ghantaghar and is known for the variety of spices and flavored teas that are sold here. Also, if you like collecting antiques, this tower market will not disappoint. If you have superb bargaining skills, things will be easier for you.

4. Nai Sarak

If you want to take home the best of Rajasthani fabric Nai Sarak is the place to be. If you have looked at tie and dye tutorials online you would know that this originated in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The beautiful prints of fabrics and Bandhani suits, along with leather goods, are few of the must-picks of this market. The signature fabric of Rajasthan, it will be sure hit among your friends and family. Other than these two markets, you can also pay a visit to Mochi Bazar and Sojati Gate Bazar.

Shopping in Udaipur

Usually called Venice of East and one of the most beautiful places to visit in Rajasthan. this place is not only famous for the beautiful palaces and the Pichola lake but also for shopping scene that surpasses imagination.

5. Bada Bazar

It is kind of a big bazaar where you can buy anything and everything. It is the main market of Udaipur and is quite reasonable when it comes to prices. From big stores to small vendors, you will find a variety of things at different prices when here. You should buy traditional Rajasthani jewelry, Bandhani fabric along with some leather knick-knacks. Also if you have a thing for traditional Rajasthani juttis, this market will offer you an unforeseen variety.

6. Hathi Pol Bazar

If you like miniature paintings you will find plenty of them here. If you're looking for some beautiful Rajasthani accessories to add charm to your house, then you can find handicrafts and decor items in this market. While a little bargaining never hurts, the prices are quite reasonable. Also, as it is not that well known, there are more locals here than tourists. If you want more places to shop at, you can visit Lake Palace Road or Chetak Circles.

7. Sadar Bazar - Jaisalmer

After fabric handicrafts and souvenirs, there is one thing that you would miss when in Rajasthan if you do not go to Jaisalmer. Wooden items, shawls, and jewelry are some of the most important stuff at Sadar Bazar in Jaisalmer. There are juttis made of camel leather and silver ornaments that you will really like. You can also explore Bhatia bazar, Sonaron ka Bas, and Pansari Bazar.

The beautiful artistry along with the amazing forts and palaces have made people go crazy about this royal state. While this list is not it when it comes to shopping, as there are many top cities in Rajasthan, you should definitely some of them. Not only are they pocket-friendly, but are also worth packing an extra bag for home.