Explore Rajput Culture in Nawalgarh Museums

Photo of Explore Rajput Culture in Nawalgarh Museums 1/1 by Harpreet Kaur

The town which was explored years back. And its gorgeousness and historical opulence made him one of the discerning destination. The most tantalizing elegance of the town is wrapped under its havelis, museums, frescoes, paintings. These bewitching attractions will always tempt itinerants. And, in fact, discovery a quirky historical evidence is the right cause to visit the place again and again.

Discover the influence of Rajput culture in Nawalgarh:

It is a bold step ahead to delve into the historical past of the Rajputs.

Knowing by heart about their influence in some of the creme places of India definitely gives you ample of perspectives as well. The encompassing forts, museum compelled historians to state India as the land of great kingdoms. Once you land up in Nawalgarh, you will experience the rich ethnicity, traditions and customs of the Rajputs.

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Ramnath Poddar haveli museum:

Ask your tour planner is the Ramnath Poddar haveli museum included in your tour plan or not? If yes, then you are propitious to get the at the length view of the entire museum. Its uniqueness will keep you engross. In fact, you will like to discover more and more. The first to explore is that it dates back to the year 1902. The museum was created due to the strong urge of Mr Kantikumar R Poddar, who spared no effort to trot out the true culture of Rajasthan. The museum puts up a palette of vibrant colours through its eye striking paintings.

From the front gate to the sitting rooms all are minutely carved with wooden work. The sitting room walls different types of murals and paintings. All strongly essaying the painting style of the Rajasthan. You should know that the gate crafted from pure wood is the most talked about unspoiled historical manifestation in India.

For desperate art lovers, the oil paintings literally deal with multiple subjects. Its diversity not only include the mythological characters, but also profoundly brushes the excerpts from rural India. While on the other hand, some modern features are also framed like trains moving etc.

Kamal Morarka haveli Museum:

Prior taking the pictures of the museum, you should know a bit about the Morarka. They are immigrants to Nawalgarh, they are actually from Sikar. After they migrated, they set up the entire business out ion Nawalgarh and ventured to work hand in hands with the Nawals. Thereafter, in 1900, Jairamdasji Morarka, being the benefactor of arts and culture. You should note that all through the paintings, the motifs used are varied and distinct in subject from each other. Till date, the murals are well kept to fortify his art encouragement.

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