Tripping Solo

25th Sep 2017
Photo of Tripping Solo by Jagmeet Singh

While traveling solo, one is on a different plane of consciousness. On one hand the thought of not having to share mind space with anyone is satisfying to an introvert like me. But the reality takes a whole new dimension which is known as 'outside of comfort zone'.

You mindfully organize your stuff thinking of nobody having your back and start off the journey with a rollercoaster of emotions, anxiety along with a lot of self doubt and thinking about reversing the decision. Surely you miss the company of dear ones but this is exactly why you chose to venture alone.

You get off from transport as you enter a new land and this sense of being 'unsafe' catches up. Now on the outside, everything is perfect and mesmerizing just like those pictures. The conditions weather, colours are different and waiting to be explored. But being a loner, choosing remote places has its own practical complications like lack of services of transportation, telecommunication and ATM. On the inside the scenario is totally opposite to the outside.

This is where the inner journey begins. In this moment of despair you choose to discard your instincts .Slowly you start observing and watching your own mind. You start opening up with local people. While interacting you discover how small their ego is. Once you realize this you light up your compassion and start feeling a connection with them.
You learn a thing or two about hospitality industry and how it thrives on compassion apart from services.

If you take up a homestay ,generally the hosts will accommodate you along with their family. Your anxiety vanishes away once you choose to trust a stranger who provides you with all material services as well as mental and emotional comfort.

You explore places around and may have experiences and perspectives that are wonderful but are also unique to others which makes you feel grateful. Not sharing mindspace with anyone, spending the quality alone time you were craving for so long along with such dope views opens you up to all that is temporary and illusion.

You travel alone not to find an escape from reality but to remain grounded, bashing our own ego, and a practical contemplation of life ahead.