Five Surprising Facts About The Fabulous Blue Lagoon

18th May 2017
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Iceland is a tiny island nation placed in the north Atlantic running parallel to Greenland between North America and Europe. This island is a result of the natural volcanic forces, and you can still witness the active volcanoes today when you visit Iceland. The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland and a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Iceland on their holiday. Being such a promenade tourist destination, there are several facts that you would uncover when you visit the Blue Lagoon. So be prepared to write your own story when you visit this spectacular tourist destination, as you will be in awe at the very sight of it. We have shared some of the hidden facts about the Blue Lagoon that we uncovered during our holiday here.

1. The Blue Lagoon is not in Reykjavik, it is actually in Keflavik

Reykjavik is home to 2/3rd of Iceland’s population, but the Blue Lagoon is definitely not a part of Reykjavik. It is quite a distance away from Reykjavik. In fact, if you are planning to rent a car, you will have to book a transfer with a tourist agency. Many shuttle transfers do not feature the Blue Lagoon by any means. A 45-minute drive from Reykjavik, you will have to pay your admission fees separately when you arrive in Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is actually located in Keflavik. There are several buses from the airport that will take you to the Blue Lagoon before proceeding to the main city or the reverse while heading to the airport. Many have termed it be a tourism ground zero. A special electronic bracelet is given to tourists on their arrival. This is essential or a permit to purchase food and drinks. You will have to return the bracelet to your exit. If you lose or misplace the bracelet, you have to pay a penalty. All the essentials like robe, slippers, and towels can be rented here.

2. The Blue Lagoon is not a natural phenomenon

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Iceland is home to many bustling hot springs, but the Blue Lagoon isn’t listed in any one of them. The land and the lava instrumental in shaping the pool is natural, not man-made, but the water coming out is a result of the runoff from the neighboring geothermal plant. Iceland is extremely rich in geothermal energy, and this energy is used to power the nation for almost everything. The Blue Lagoon is a result of the volcanic formation and the geothermal plant. The geothermal plant built uses the volcanic landscape to generate heat and power. Once the water was gone through the turbines, it cannot be reused for energy production. The heated water is a result of the runoff from the plant that is filtered straight into the Blue Lagoon. This runoff doesn’t make the water dirty toxic or dangerous or polluted. It is just that it is far from the natural phenomenon of hot springs, as many people believe it to be.

3. The waters of the Blue Lagoon are abundantly rich in minerals

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The volcanic nature of Iceland makes the land soil abundant in several mineral and elements. The Volcanic ash was thrown out of the volcanoes and the presence of lava contributes to the high incident rate of many minerals. Even the water passing through the turbine of the geothermal plant and then thrown into the Blue Lagoon is abundantly rich in minerals. You will find a high concentration of silica and sulfur that gives the water a typical milky-blue color. The high mineral content of the water also makes sure that the water can’t be recycled through the turbines in the geothermal plant. The water is reabsorbed leaving behind several mineral deposits on the ground. In fact, the high mineral content in the water has led to having healing properties. Many people who are suffering from skin diseases such as psoriasis visit the Blue Lagoon for its medicinal elements. The high mineral content will eventually damage your hair even though you take sufficient precautions.

4. You have to shower naked before entering the Blue Lagoon waters

Yes! You heard it right. The Blue Lagoon also is one of the most visited spas in the world where you need to shower naked before actually entering the pool. There are shower stalls that lock or provide the required privacy you would need. Once you rinse and condition yourself, you are put on your bathing suit and head to the pool. Blue Lagoon employees are placed in the shower area just to ensure that this enforced rule is followed. Many people have also a misconception that the Blue Lagoon is a small intimate affair, but you will definitely be surprised by the massive structure of the place. The property houses a hotel, an array of restaurants, banquet facilities, and diverse spa treatments while you float on a rubber mat in the water.

5. The Blue Lagoon is a lavish and a gorgeous movie star

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The Blue Lagoon is not just a thermal spa; it is an all-inclusive luxury resort. There are several cafes where you can grab a quick bite and refresh yourself. There is also plenty of places where you can order a drink or two without leaving the water. The hotel is blessed with modern amenities like steam and sauna. This luxurious destination had led the Blue Lagoon to be a part in several television and film productions. One of the main reasons why the filmmakers have picked this awe-inspiring location is the beauty of the destination. The dark rocks provide a stunning backdrop to the blue water pond. Popular reality TV series like the Amazing Race and the Britain’s Next Top Model along with films like Hostel – Part III, documentary Look Alive. The destination gives an exotic experience to its guests that have made it to several filmmakers’ interest.

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