Ranthambore - Weekend Trip from Delhi

Photo of Ranthambore - Weekend Trip from Delhi by Priyankit Bharadwaj

COVID-19 has impacted every singe person in one way or another. Tourism industry is one of the worst hit sector and will need support to recover back early.

Trip to Ranthambore National Park and Sawai Madhopur was our first trip after lockdown was lifted.

Photo of Ranthambore - Weekend Trip from Delhi 1/5 by Priyankit Bharadwaj
Photo of Ranthambore - Weekend Trip from Delhi 2/5 by Priyankit Bharadwaj

We planned for weekend in the month of October, as park remains closed during monsoon and opens for safari in the month of October.

Situated at a distance of 380KM Sawai Madhopur(SWM) is the nearest rail head for visiting this park.

We took early morning Nanda Devi Express from Nizamuddin Station, and reached Sawai Madhopur at around 8:00 AM.

On reaching SWM we found whole Railway Station was empty although it was peek season for National Park visitors, there we very less tourists, every hotel was vacant.

We roamed around the market which is just outside Sawai Madhopur station, and had some street food(even being scared).

Places to visit-

1- Ranthambore National Park

2- Ranthambore Fort

3- Ganesh Temple

Photo of Ranthambore - Weekend Trip from Delhi 3/5 by Priyankit Bharadwaj

Details for Safari

1- National Park is divided into 10 Zones

2- Conducted in morning 6:30 to 10:30 and evening shift 2:30 to 5:30 for around 3hours

3- Two options of vehicle to choose canter 20 seats , gypsy 6 seats

Note:- To save money from brokers and crooks , pre-book your safari tickets from Rajasthan Government website , it will save you a good amount.

Steps to book Safari Ticket Online:-

Register on "https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in/signin" with valid email and phone number.

Navigation for booking , after login go to

"Citizen App"

"Forests and Wildlife"

"Wildlife Ticket Booking Service"

"Advanced Wildlife Ticket Booking"

Enter all you details and choose Shift Morning or Evening and vehicle type

Enter your ID details carefully as it would be checked at entry gate

Photo of Ranthambore - Weekend Trip from Delhi 4/5 by Priyankit Bharadwaj
Photo of Ranthambore - Weekend Trip from Delhi 5/5 by Priyankit Bharadwaj

On Day 1 -

We visited Ranthambore Fort which is on a hill top and the entire national park could be seen from above, within fort there is a Ganesh Temple we offered prayer

On Day 2 -

we had pre-booked Safari ticket for morning shift,which starts from 6 AM in the morning, in a canter for Zone 1,

Zone 1 is considered to be best zone for tiger sightings but unfortunately we didn't see any tiger.

After completing safari , we took afternoon train back to Delhi