The magic of evening Palermo


Last week, model Olivia Palermo and her husband Johannes Huebel took a romantic midnight walk around New York City. And it appears that they are even more in love than ever before!

In Palermo, right at the airport, you can rent a car at very reasonable prices -, and go on one of the interesting excursions, choose here -

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As the evening progressed, they discovered Frank's, a hidden speakeasy bar. To enter it, you need to dial into a fake telephone booth; however, it's worth it for its in-house sex shop, high class drinks and international DJs.

Live Music

Palermo's nightlife district comes alive with an exciting selection of live music every night. Whether it's jazz or blues, rock or country, there's a style for everyone here.

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In addition to traditional Argentinian fare, you'll also find an array of local bands and performers performing in this vibrant neighborhood. Some of Buenos Aires' best music can be found here, giving you plenty of options for your next night out on the town.

Since 1994, New Jersey saxophonist Ed Palermo has been bringing Frank Zappa songs to life in a big band format. However, his passion for Todd Rundgren and British psychedelia shines through in each arrangement he creates.

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Palermo's evenings are filled with amazing food, wine and cocktails that make for a memorable celebration with friends or colleagues. Start your night off right by having a drink on the rooftop terrace, and end it off at an edgy bar for some serious adult beverages.

One of the most beloved drinks to sip in Buenos Aires is the paloma, an elegant tequila cocktail with an added kick. Bon Appetit magazine calls it "Mexico's most beloved cocktail".

A Palermo is a cocktail made with tequila, lime juice and grapefruit soda (Jarritos is popular), mixed with ice and finished off with a small plate of salt. A properly made paloma should have both sweet and spicy notes.

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If you're searching for an unforgettable night in Palermo, book yourself onto an evening experience with a local expert who can show you all of the city's top hot spots and help select your perfect cocktail. This interactive tour will cover Palermo's history, show their enthusiasm for the area, and guide you towards an unforgettable night out.


One of the many charms of evening Palermo is the food sold by street vendors. It's an irresistible feast that should be enjoyed with a drink or two in hand.

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One iconic street food is the panelle, made with chickpea flour and water. This delectable treat is often sold by a vendor known as a panellaro who roams around town on his trademark bee motorcycle - known as a lapino.

Palermitanians love panelle as a snack. From the soft sesame sandwich (muffoletta or mafalda) to an elaborate version with tomato sauce and cheese, Palermoites know them for their panelle fix! Another specialty is sfincione: thin bread dressed with onion and tomato then topped off with caciocavallo cheese.

If you're a food connoisseur seeking an authentic experience in historic Palermo, book our Small Group Tour. On this tour, you'll sample over 8 authentic dishes with other guests in a small group setting.


Palermo's nightlife scene offers plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants in Soho and Hollywood districts of the city. Soho is considered to be the most fashionable subdistrict, boasting many bars open all day that transform into hip drinking establishments at night.

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One of the best places in Soho to grab a drink is Milion, an elegant spot that effortlessly mixes posh and casual with its lounge-y interior and tranquil garden. It's an ideal meeting spot with lots of people around and the vibe is always positive and energetic.

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Frank's Bar is another great option; this speakeasy-inspired bar requires you to dial a password into a faux telephone booth to open the secret door. Inside you'll find an intimate atmosphere, in-house sex shop, high class drinks and international DJs that'll have you believing it's prohibition all over again!