Have you ever been to random travel?

10th Oct 2019

Being an adventure person, I like to experiment and experience things. Few days back when the thought came in my mind that what if I do random travel. No pre bookings for journey, no pre booking for accommodation, no checklist for stuffs, no net surfing for places to visit, no pre thought where should I get freshen up, no pre plan for destinations.. Nothing. The Plan was "There was no plan"... Yes, and what is the best way to execute this thought in birthday month...

Initially, I was bit relaxed but as days were coming closer and closer, I got confused. Mind was afraid how could I do it? Will it be a smart decision? Shall I go ahead with this? Will it be safe? Where I will get freshen up? Where to stop? What to eat? What will I do as nothing was pre planned? Being a girl the safety was the biggest concern and I was worried and started giving second thought about this crazy travel. But, deep down I was not ready to give up on this thought and my innervoice said, "Let's do it! Jo hoga dekha jayega."

‌And meanwhile in all these thought the day had come to execute it and my travel started with messed up things. The booking which I did on the spot for Somnath got delayed by 2 hours due to heavy rain and then my further journey. It was night travel which I had decided an hour before Journey. And being delayed at first step of travel - I just smiled and said "Yo, welcome to the crazy Journey:)"

I don't know but I have always been fascinated for Somnath and somehow I managed to reached there early in morning. I had refreshing breakfast and chitchat with people and found that they are so nice and loveable. I got freshen up and headed towards the magificant temple. As soon as I entered the temple, by seeing the Giant Idol I ran into totally different emotions. I could feel the ENERGY, I could feel the Power of UNIVERSE, I could feel the Tremendous POSITIVITY, the FAITHFUL eyes of Devotees, number of PRAYING Hands, those KIND Hearts, Chants to THANK YOU God, Lots of HOPE and RESPECT. I looked around and I lost in that world. The huge and Magnificent temple stands with all glory and pride at costal line of arebian sea and looks so beautiful. Wow! It was all dreamy realistic. And sudden thought came in my mind " It was all worth the travel".

Photo of Somnath, Gujarat, India by Priya Lahoti
Photo of Somnath, Gujarat, India by Priya Lahoti

The next days of travel where I was exploring the Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. The delicious food of Gujrat added browny points to my travel. Though it was not pre planned travel but everything went so well and perfect.

So people specially you girls, have you ever been to random travel?