A Quick Journey to GUJARAT...!!!

24th Jan 2016
Photo of A Quick Journey to GUJARAT...!!! 1/4 by Rajat Jaiswal
Photo of A Quick Journey to GUJARAT...!!! 2/4 by Rajat Jaiswal
Photo of A Quick Journey to GUJARAT...!!! 3/4 by Rajat Jaiswal
Photo of A Quick Journey to GUJARAT...!!! 4/4 by Rajat Jaiswal

Hello everyone,

This is my first blog over travelling ,where i will express my travel experience n feelings of a quick journey form Bhopal (madhya pradesh ) to Gujarat.

Honestly , while speaking a word ‘TRAVEL ‘ the first thought comes in my mind is ‘ LIFE IS A BOOK , AND THOSE WHO DO NOT TRAVEL READ ONLY ONE PAGE ’ i mean life is nothing without travelling and this is what i experienced in my journey . we explores several new places, discovers various tricks and tips of how interacts with different people of different places, learn various cultures and living stratagy life. Hence i can say that don’t judge any person by asking his/her education ,judge his/ her by how much he/she traveled.

so guys ,now i come to my experience of my journey from BHOPAL to SOMNATH .

That was a time of january , a climate was pretty awesome in those days. my exams were just going to end . i was reading newspaper in morning and there was a advertisement of gujarat tourism, that ad was proper organised and attractive that gave me a idea to plan for travel in gujarat. so i decided to travel somnath .

after a day my exams were end and also my 2 friend wanted to join me in my trip ,so i was happy. Now the problem was that ,we need to took our journey as soon as possible, and we decided to take our journey from tomorrow. due to lack of time we could not arrange rail reservation so we decided to travel by bus .

Day 2

firstly , We had take a bus from Bhopal to INDORE ( 200 km ) . after reaching indore we went to the office of a local bus operator named INTERCITY bus services . they had no direct bus form INDORE to SOMNATH , so we decided to take a bus for RAJKOT. That bus was a fully air conditioned and had a great staff service ,so that our actual journey started form INDORE , we were enjoying our journey, One thing i want to mention here is that i didn’t do research for that journey ,we just packed our bages and gone for that like ‘BANJARAS ‘. that was quite interesting because we traveled gujarat for the first time. we departed form INDORE at 8 pm and it was taken a whole night than our bus reached at ahmedabad at approx 4 am but bus was not stopped there and after more 3 hour journey we were stopped at any highway retreat at NH 8A ( AHMEDABAD – RAJKOT HIGHWAY ) for some refreshment . after this we FINALLY reached RAJKOT at 9 AM . so now we were 900 km away from BHOPAL . we had took some time to rest after this ,we reached at S.T. BUS STAND RAJKOT where we took direct bus for SOMNATH . the main merits of those buses are they are more punctual for there timing than other buses. after departed form the BIRTH PLACE OF MAHATMA GANDHI ,we arrived at SOMNATH.it is approx 1100 km far from central india . SOMNATH is a very peacefull place situated at the arabian sea beach. It is also renown for a major hindu pilgrim centre called ( FIRST JYOTIRLINGA OF AMONG ALL TWELVE IN INDIA ). after arriving at somnath ,firstly we went to beach area and relaxed there for some time, after that we had gone for temple darshan. honestly the temple was so much pretty and well maintained and organised , people always make decorum for darshan and atmosphere was happier. we rested there for a night and than next morning we planned for visit GIR NATIONAL FOREST.

Day 3

i contacted with a local travel agency and booked a cab for GIR , because of not having a booking we couldn’t able to visit actual GIR forest so we went to SASAN GIR FOREST which is also a part of GIR .

GIR FOREST is actually a biggest home for aisatic lions in the world around 700 and above lions are there. we visited there ,that was a fantastic place for understanding wild life . our cab driver also mentioned us to visit JUNAGARH which is also famous for UPARKOT FORT, RANI KI VAV and also various temples and mosques. we reach at junagarh and spent a whole day there and visited various spots.there are outstanding ancient sculptures and forts which are secured under ASI .

At 5 pm evening we took a bus for NARAYAN SAROVAR . we spent whole night in bus and reached there at 8 am. KOTESHWAR is a end point of north western india. that is also a must visit spot. after wandering there . we again took a journey to MANDVI .

Day 4

MANDVI is a small city and has a beautiful beach , there is also a vijay palace which can be visited , at the and of the day again we took a small 60 KM ride for BHUJ . we reached there for visiting WHITE RANN ( RANN OF KUTCH ).

BHUJ is a GATEWAY TO KUTCH we can get a bus or private vehicle for there. after taking halt at night there in a hotel , we got up at early morning with fresh mindset and took a bus at 9 am for WHITE RANN . WHITE RANN is 110 km far from BHUJ .

Day 5

WHITE RANN has a 3 or 4 month festival called RANN UTSAV every year . That is a place which has a speciality called WHITE DESERT. that is not below than HEAVEN on the earth. we spent 5 hour there and visited rann area and also market which is famous for handicrafts. if anyone visits here there will not be a bad deal for spend a night in tent at WHITE RANN . At 4 pm we again up on the bus for return to BHUJ . here our journey to home began .

Day 7

AFTER also visiting ahmedabad in very short term we arrived at INDORE next evening and than to BHOPAL.

So that was our JOURNEY, it took seven days to complete a travel. Almost 3300 km had travelled by us.

One thing i noticed that people from GUJARAT are very collaborative and helpful ,they guided us in every step where we need that. GUJARAT is really a great place and yet need to be explored .

I on behalf of me (RAJAT JAISWAL ) and my 2 friends named ( ALOK GADEM & UPENDRA GAUTAM ) are very thankful for the people of GUJARAT. specially a Cab driver and Aunt met at BHUJ . I really admire for your precious help. AGAIN


you can also question me for related to this gujarat tour. i will admire to guide u.

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