Picturesque Port of Majorca


The captivating Mediterranean island in Spain is filled with unimaginable wonders. Delve into this wonderful island this summer and unwind around Majorca and let go of all the concerns.

There is no place like Majorca when it comes to gorgeous beaches in Spain and spellbinding landscape. Majorca has always been under the tourism radar. Tourists started visiting the Island during the roaring 1920s. Indeed, mass tourism began in the 1950s. This beautiful Spanish Balearic Island has found its place in the hearts of artists and writers.

In fact Robert Graves the famous English poet made it his permanent abode. The glamour actresses of yesteryears Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn have graced the island with their glamour.

1. Best Beaches in Mallorca

Stroll around the picturesque beach to make your day. The surroundings are quite refreshing. Relax and unwind around the balmy beaches. The beaches remain environmentally friendly and well conserved. There is indeed no place like a beach around this azure Mediterranean Sea.

Cala Mesquida beach is full of Sand dunes and scattered with rocks. A dream place for nature lovers and the landscape is sprinkled with pine trees and greenery. The diversity is indeed amazing; besides humans, a huge Seagulls colony is around for company. Savor the beauty on a horseback – ride through the bay.

Discover the untamed crystal clear S'Illot beach. Also, there is a specific spot for water sports enthusiasts. A little bit of history would make this trip intriguing. Visit the archeological site of Talayotic community, which is in fact in proximity to the beach. A favorable atmosphere for a tranquil experience.

Head towards Es Trenc beach. Find a spot to relax and immerse under the sunny weather. Indeed Mediterranean weather is quite friendly for those seeking a balmy holiday. The average temperature fluctuates around 20 to 25 Degrees. With nearly 300 days of sunshine, there is indeed plenty of warmth to soak up.

2. Attractions In Mallorca

The majestic peaks of the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains are worth exploring. Indeed, UNESCO has considered it as a fascinating heritage site. Jardines d'Alfàbia is a picturesque garden in the midst of Sierra de Tramuntana. There is, in fact, a reminiscence of the Moorish style in its architecture.

Discover the ancient ruins of the Roman era. Besides, being a picture-perfect Island, Majorca can generate interest in ancient history. There is an extremely well preserved Roman forum and theater. Art lovers can flock to Museu Fundació Juan. The glorious collections include that of Pablo Picasso and the legendary Salvador Dali.

The grandeur and history of Castell de Bellver is quite significant to Spain. There is plenty of history pertaining to the Spanish Civil war. If not admire the stunning beauty and mystical natural world of the Drach Caves. Take a look of the underground sparkling lake. The mystery would remain in your mind forever.