Tips to save money as a solo traveler


Solo travel can fulfil that adventurous streak in you where you plan less in advance, decide spontaneously and have a loose plan for each day, taking each day as it comes. But on the other hand, since you'd be travelling alone, it means more expenses for you because you don't have a companion to split the bills with.

However, usually travel bills factor in two travellers per hotel room, for instance, but if you travel alone, you need to pay the entire cost. So, how do you reduce your costs, even if you can't halve them? Luckily, you can work a way around your expenses. Why not try our tips so that you enjoy more on your next trip but pay less? Here they are:

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Where to stay:~ You can choose to stay at a hostel, homeshare, with friends and acquaintances, on a farm, depending on their availability. You can also look out for chain hotels that have prices for solo travellers for smaller rooms. Or, how about choosing family-run hotels and B&Bs that give out single-bed rooms? It's also well worth checking out if there's a free shuttle service linked to the hotel. And yes, if you're in Spain, don't forget to use your Barcelo for your hotel stay.

Getting around:~ Look for the smallest car on rent--if it can carry your luggage and you, that's enough. However, if you're travelling in countries with a good train or bus service. This would be cheaper and safer too, particularly if you're a woman. You can opt for their discounted tickets and travel on the lean hours.

It's also great to get onto a rented cycle and get around. For one, it's inexpensive, and you can take detours as you like while meeting the local people and enjoying the country's ethnicity.

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Set your own schedule:~ If you hate living by the alarm clock while on holiday, it's best that you set your own schedule and see what you want, when you want. So, find out the free days of museums and their free hours, street festivals, free concerts and other such things. To check this out, go to the tourist bureau of your holiday destination and pick up listings of free things to do and see and coupons and arm yourself for all that you can do per day.

What and where to eat and drink:~ If you shop around for your own food, you can learn a lot about local delicacies. However, there may be times when you'd like to eat at a restaurant, so dot your holiday with a few of these too. Of course, there are grades of restaurants offering not just the local cuisine but international stuff too, so check your pockets before deciding what and where you'd like to eat.

Use of Internet:~ If you stay in a hotel, an additional expense is the use of Wi-Fi. So, find out the cost of the Internet per day before checking in. You can cut these costs by going to Wi-Fi enabled restaurants, coffee shops and public libraries and working on your tablet there.


All in all, flexibility is the underlying message of your holiday. So, let it work for you by trying to get the best bargain for your money, no matter what you do, where you go or what you eat.