Trek to Mighty Sada falls.

22nd Jul 2018


Photo of Trek to Mighty Sada falls. by Road Runner
Photo of Trek to Mighty Sada falls. 1/6 by Road Runner

On 22 July me with my brothers decided to go for a trek to this hidden gem near Belgaum, so we started our car and left to witness this huge waterfall and to check the natural volcanic caves.

Photo of Trek to Mighty Sada falls. 2/6 by Road Runner

Morning around 6am we left from home , it took around 2 hours to reach to the base of the village. we parked our car near a hotel touching the highway and started our journey. To reach Sada village from the base you can either go walking or can go by bike, as we started our walk towards Sada falls the whole weather changed and we were covered with fog as you all can see on the cover image, it took almost 3 hours to reach the village.

Photo of Trek to Mighty Sada falls. 3/6 by Road Runner

The distance from highway to the village is 8-9 km and its just an easy hike. After reaching the village we got a guide till the falls and back, and form that point the real trek starts , it took us 30 mins to reach the falls because of dense forest, narrow paths full of leaches, steep slops, but everything goes neglected as you see the first glance of the mighty falls in front of you, having some fun time near falls we started back our journey to the hidden volcanic caved near the village.

Photo of Trek to Mighty Sada falls. 4/6 by Road Runner

The guide took us to the caves and "OH MY GOD" it was so magical there, the cave was covered with mist and water was falling from all directions and at the centre of the cave there was mahadev's shiva linga, it looked so heavenly there we spend 1 hour roaming around the caves.

Photo of Trek to Mighty Sada falls. 5/6 by Road Runner

Now we went with the guide to his house, he prepared us with some kanda powa and hot tea, we had our lunch and started our journey way back home with this magnificent views. we reached home around 4 pm.

Photo of Trek to Mighty Sada falls. 6/6 by Road Runner
Day 1

NOTE: Wear Fullsleevs t-shirts and full lengths pants because there are many leaches and you should avoid that they might not kiss you :P .

Must go during rains so that you can also witness what i did.

Trip will cost you around 500-1000 depends.

Must carry enough water and food to eat.

And most important carry a plastic bag so that all the left overs you can keep in that and keep environment safe.