A day in Stockholm

28th Nov 2019



A day in Stockholm-Sweden

We took an 8 hrs flight from Dubai to Stockholm. We reached around 2 in the noon but it looked like 7 in the evening. It is a beautiful city full of historic landmarks. We booked a "Ghost walk and wine tasting" tour.

Chilling winds, scary roads and the best wine with the guide who was dressed as a magician was one of the best combination. We had an Amazing night with the best Red wine.

In Stockholm there are two busiest Christmas markets in Stortorget Square – in the heart of Gamla Stan – and Skansen’s Christmas Market (name of metro stations). In both we enjoyed spiced wine, brought crafts and decorative element.

We discovered the City in the Footsteps of Alfred Nobel. We could not go inside the hall as it was closed but it was beautifully built.

And watching the World’s Largest Christmas Tree was an attractive experience, it was the 38-meter-tall tree located at Skeppsbrokajen, in the part of Gamla Stan located opposite the island of Skeppsholmen and the ship Af Chapman, is the largest in the world.

We only had a day in Stockholm so we could not visit the palace but it looks beautiful from outside.

Unfortunately,I lost my camera during the trip so don't have pictures. :(