10 Phenomenal Places to see in Switzerland

14th May 2015
Photo of 10 Phenomenal Places to see in Switzerland by Stamped Passport_Charu

Sometimes you have to invest a little bit more money to get the best out of best. I think Switzerland is the best case for that - it is expensive as hell but it offers one of the most spectacular sceneries worldwide. Why not to put more money in your vacation for once in order to see literally the most beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, views, gorges and castles out there? Think about it. Let me present 10 stunning places which you have to visit once travelling in Switzerland.

Day 1

1. The Lugano Lake

The Lugano Lake is one of the most stunning places in Switzerland for sure. The lake, surrounded by majestic mountains and many palm trees, offers many activities such as swimming, boating, kayaking and waterskiing. In summer, make sure to ascend to the best viewpoint called Monte Bre. In my opinion, the best months to visit this area are July and August, when there are some festivals for free and it is a perfect time to plunge into the lake and wander around the mountains. What is more, the food is fantastic, as the Italian border is just behind the corner ;) See here what else you can do in the Ticino region.

Photo of Lugano, Switzerland by Stamped Passport_Charu

2. Berne

A stunning place in Switzerland is definitely Berne. Why Berne, it is just a city? I agree, but make sure you find yourself in Berne during the summer months, where there are many food and music events! What makes the city also interesting to visit is the adventurous swimming in the turquoise Aare river which flows exactly through the city! When you are in Berne, don't forget to order a Rösti, the typical Swiss potato meal. It will be delicious and probably the cheapest you can get in whole Switzerland!

Photo of Berne, Switzerland by Stamped Passport_Charu
Day 2

3. Niederhorn

Niederhorn. Oh my.. This is a stunning place in Switzerland for sure! It is one of the majestic mountains along the Lake Thun. To go on the top, you can hike or take an adventurous funicular (quite steep!) and a cable car. It is not cheap, as you have to pay as much as 37 CHF for a single ticket resp. 52 CHF for a return ticket if you i.e. ascend from Beatenbucht. However, if you stay in the hotel called Schützen Steffisburg, you get a 50% reduction for the ticket price. As in many mountain places in Switzerland, once at the top of Niederhorn, you have a restaurant where you can enjoy a typical Swiss meal while savouring the enchanting views over the lake and mountains!

Photo of Niederhorn, Sigriswil, Switzerland by Stamped Passport_Charu

4. Aare Gorge

This amazing 1,400 metres long and 200 meters deep gorge offers you an unforgettable experience in the nature. The paths through the Aare gorge are walkable now for more than 100 years and are open to visitors from April to October. The entrance fee is 8.5 CHF. A stunning place in Switzerland, definitely worth your time.

Photo of Aare, Switzerland by Stamped Passport_Charu
Day 3

5. Aescher

One of the stunning places in Switzerland can be found in the north-eastern part of the country and is called Aescher. This hotel with a restaurant has a special location since it is hidden in the Alp rocks and offers some nice views over the valley. Park your car at Wasserauen, pass by the beautiful Seealplake and hike to Aescher. You can also take the cable car to the Ebenalp station and then descend in the direction of Aescher (of course, only possible in Switzerland hehe).

Photo of Äscher, Schwende District, Switzerland by Stamped Passport_Charu

6. Montreux

One of my favourite cities in Switzerland is Montreux and this is due to the picturesque Chillon castle right at the lakeside, the mountains in the back and the French atmosphere :) This city comes with a romantic touch since once you are there you immediately start sipping that red vine, eat fish and listen to Jazz (there is a famous Jazz festival in July). What is more, you can take a beautiful evening boat ride from Montreux to Vevey and enjoy the city lights.

Photo of Montreux, Switzerland by Stamped Passport_Charu
Day 4

7. Bürgenstock

This is a nice walk to take if you like to spend some time at the world famous Lake Lucerne. Drive to the town called Stansstad and then ascend by car to the Bürgenstock resort. Once there, hike for about a half an hour along the lake with spectacular views and you will reach the Hammetschwand lift. If you starve for even better views over the lake, take the lift and then... your jaw will drop. Such a stunning place in Switzerland!

Photo of Bürgenstock, Switzerland by Stamped Passport_Charu

8. Pilatus

This is a stunning place in Switzerland which you should't miss at all! It offers one of the best views you will probably ever experience (I am not exaggerating). It is quite expensive to reach the top if you choose the whole cable car route so I encourage you to take the transport from Kriens to the middle station called Fräkmüntegg and then hike 2 hours and 30 minutes to the top. To check all the hiking routes, have a look at this map.

Photo of Mount Pilatus, Alpnach, Switzerland by Stamped Passport_Charu
Day 5

9. Hörnlihütte, Arosa

To enjoy exactly the same view as you see on the photo below, drive to Arosa and then hike from the station Hörnli to the top of the Hörnlihütte. It is also possible to take the cable car. Make yourself a great day by passing several awe-inspiring lakes such as the Älplisee or Schwellisee - check my blog post about the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland and let me know if you find this place as stunning as I do! :)

Photo of Hörnlihütte Arosa, Arosa, Switzerland by Stamped Passport_Charu

10. Oberhofen

I was impressed when visiting Oberhofen. It is one of these stunning places in Switzerland, where you stroll along a beautiful lake and have picturesque mountains in the back. The cherry on the top is definitely the historical castle right at the lakeside, which makes it scenery for your photo! The best time to visit Oberhofen is probably spring and fall, when there is still snow in the mountains.

Photo of Oberhofen, Switzerland by Stamped Passport_Charu

I bet, once you decide to visit this incredible Switzerland in the heart of Europe, you will want to return again and again. Remember, feed your soul and you will end up happy! ;)