A 4-Day Working Week? Take My Money and Take Me On a Trip Already!


The World Economic Forum has recently pitched for a 4-day working week to be introduced in offices around the world. This means that we could start getting 3-day weekends very soon! There couldn't be better news than this on a Monday that as always, has come uninvited.

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At World Economic Forum's annual meeting that was recently held at Davos, thinkers contemplated over a big move that would reduce our treacherous 5-day working week to a 4-day one. Although this change has not been officially adopted, it is wonderful to know that this conversation has blown out of our office lunch rooms and entered an international platform.

Psychologists and thinkers have spoken in support of the proposal as fewer working days have indicated an increase in productivity and job satisfaction by 20%. Let's not forget that this change will also help us actually enjoy our lives 100% more rather than spending most of it only slogging at work.

If you're someone who prefers the mountains or beaches more than your office desk, you are sure to leap with joy at this news! You can now finally spend more time travelling over the weekends and not feel like a zombie on Mondays.

Tell me in the comment section about where all you will travel to if 3-day weekends become reality.

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