Sydney Tower and its beautiful views


Located in the heart of Sydney, the Quay Quarter Tower offers magnificent views of Sydney Harbour. It also has an Eye Observation Deck and SKYWALK. In addition to this, there are also 360 Bar and Dining options for those who want to enjoy a meal while taking in the views.

Skywalk Vivid

Using a helicopter to view Sydney Harbour is a unique and refreshing experience. The vantage point is not just a bird's eye view but the chance to capture some aerial photographs. The flight itself can be done in style with a cocktail or two from the licensed bar. The thrill of flying over the world's largest harbor is well worth the ride.

Before heading to the Sydney Tower, check out the availability of interesting excursions there -

Right at the airport there is an excellent car rental service -

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A cruise of the Sydney harbour is a good way to soak up some of the best views imaginable. There are numerous companies that cater to this niche market but one company in particular stood out as the best in the business.

360 Bar & Dining

Located atop the Sydney Tower, 360 Bar and Dining boasts 360 degree views of the city as well as a well-thought out menu. Guests can choose from an a la carte menu or opt for a 3-course meal. The restaurant is a revolving one, which makes for a unique dining experience. Currently, the restaurant is searching for an Executive Chef.

Photo of Sydney Tower and its beautiful views by Enotus

The aforementioned 3 course meal comes with a complimentary Champagne toast. The menu features modern Australian fare with a French twist. A few dishes on the menu are accompanied by hand-carved pendant light sculptures. A few specialities include oysters with cucumber and lamb neck.

Quay Quarter Tower

Designed by 3XN and BVN, Quay Quarter Tower is a 49-story commercial office building with retail, coworking space and business lounge. It is located on the corner of Bridge st, Young st and Phillip st in Sydney's CBD. The building features offices overlooking the Sydney Opera House and a series of rooftop terraces. It is WELL Gold certified.

Photo of Sydney Tower and its beautiful views by Enotus

Quay Quarter Tower was chosen as one of the 34 projects worldwide to be included in the 2022 International High-rise Awards. The project won the prize for its design. The design is sustainable, adaptive re-use and incorporates two-thirds of the original building's core.

Quay Quarter Tower was developed as part of the Circular Quay District redevelopment project. The precinct includes a residential tower, a boutique hotel and a museum. The development is expected to bring about ten thousand jobs and is expected to be a 24-hour precinct when completed.

Skywalk Restaurant

Located 250 metres above the street level, the Sydney Tower has an observation deck that offers unparalleled views of Sydney. In addition to the panoramic views, the Eye has a revolving restaurant and a Skywalk.

Photo of Sydney Tower and its beautiful views by Enotus

The Eye is not only a landmark in Sydney, but it is also a construction project. It is built to withstand extreme winds and earthquakes. It also features a light installation and a photo booth.

The Eye also has a 360 degree revolving restaurant. The restaurant has an a la carte menu, and offers a great view of the city. There is also a cocktail class that takes place on some nights.

Photo of Sydney Tower and its beautiful views by Enotus

Skywalk Eye Observation Deck & SKYWALK

Located at the heart of Sydney, the Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck and Skywalk offers an unparalleled view of the city and the Pacific Ocean. This panoramic viewing experience is located 250 metres above the street level. It is a fun, unique way to see the world's most famous city.

Photo of Sydney Tower and its beautiful views by Enotus

This outdoor observation deck boasts 360-degree views of the harbour, the city, and the surrounding suburbs. The Observation Deck also features high-powered binoculars that allow you to get closer to the landmarks of Sydney.

The Observation Deck is a fun, interactive experience that allows you to see the sights of the city from the highest point in Australia. This includes the Blue Mountains, Botany Bay, and the bustling Sydney Airport. You can also enjoy a 4D cinema experience.

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Sydney Tower Eye 4D Experience

Located in the heart of Westfield shopping centre, the Sydney Tower Eye offers a one-of-a-kind experience for its location. Its towering skyscraper is the city's tallest structure, showcasing a dazzling 360-degree view of the Sydney region. Its observation deck is the second-tallest in the Southern Hemisphere, and its 4D cinema is worth a trip on its own. Its a must-do for anyone visiting the harbour city.

Photo of Sydney Tower and its beautiful views by Enotus

The tower has several floors, including the observation deck, which gives you the best view of the city. It also features an IMAX film, a 4D theatre and an interactive touchscreen. There's also a free jetboat ride, which offers a more leisurely tour of the 258-metre high structure. The observation deck offers several photo opportunities, and a great view of the Blue Mountains.