12th Nov 2018
Photo of YELAGIRI- A DAY WITH MACAW #yelagirihills 1/1 by karthy
Day 1


Hmmm., a sudden thought about life what i'm leading to and my temporal refugee be a surprised three month old macho. After a short journey for reaching financial stability my life gonna practice interview it makes me as victim and its be a bore story so i decide to leave yelagiri a hilly plain over in vellore (india).

Small rough travel to yelagiri:

Its be a rough travel for every backpackers to travel from madras to yelagiri . I think its been a perfect advice for every backpackers and riders to move yelagiri in bike. i start from madras suburban station kodambakkam to chennai central and to katpadi to jolarpettai i think its enough to show hate this train travel cas., its be rough cas., its all unreserved and from jollarpet to yelagiri a plesent move starts .

While i land to jollarpettai a border region for three prime state of southern india and it proves his stands and emit everywhere how the mix and match will give us a force to absorb forcefully .A morning tea from jollarpettai proves the every busy day where it has with it .

{me: anna tea podunga sakkara kammiya romba stronga ; tea anna(may be hindi wala): ak chai .... chakkar half dala wait karriee; me: akka oru wada kudunga ( no responce since ) akka .... akka: vandutan oru vadai ku annju ruba kirrakki( a rough way of commerce);} narrated in tamil

A good word to hear on pleasant morning she literally cracks my esteem on a single hymn whatever i snack my donut and had a cool ride to yelagiri and a good sleep.While on a ride where am on top sleep a whisper in my eyes makes me too see yelagiri feels me that i'm like a infant to see all green and lusty sun all over me and my happiness abrupted by a khaki dressed vehicle abrupter makes me feels that am still in public vehile

{bus conductor: atthanavoor vandhuruchu erangu ellam;} narrated in tamil

Is it religious? No

Photo of Yelagiri Hills, Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu, India by karthy

I google first to check whether its working and i simply walk to tourist info office where its lock and fine explanation is its sunday .And i search for rented bicycle and its too closed and my temper rised to accuse a whole hill and convinced to smoke and drink " the chai" and decide to walk for while, i walked for most 6 km and my question over my life often like no one and nothing in my life where some peace really exists

Lone Ranger

Photo of YELAGIRI- A DAY WITH MACAW #yelagirihills by karthy

This literally not be quiet place by my eye search a quite place where nobody exist be reflected in this stair where some out-focused area carrying on their patriotism to their gods and religion is so active in yelagiri. And me trying to hear all what's going on its full of music and hymns. and try to find orthodox place for peace

I found from him in actual fact its not easy where i move on all way of frustration fear and comically in close of dog bite ha ha aha and while am looking him he was so confident and looks strong makes me first to snap him and stirs my mind through i watch him on lens and realize peace exist on our body let we come out of philosophy and beware dogs are looking like watch dogs in yelagiri .

Surprise visit with macho:

After all i reached a same bazaar where i took foo for a time and meet a group of "hashtag indian wala" guys and bothered my happy meals and try to leave fast by having puri .I enquired a random auto man and he shows the whole of yelagiri with in his words and suggest me to move bird park and in real i refused first and ask for water fall but i moved to birds park with double stands and i don't aware that someone am waited to meet

I arranged a ticket for bird drive ,fish spa and food-ing but for me ha ha aha ha .from the entrance every child gone crazy to catch the bird that don't try to hurt us. an indian chottu'

{chottu: dheke momma, sabse soft hai ;

momma(mom): chottu chod do chod do} narrated in hindi

Am fantasized as such like kids but acts so matured and move to bird block and meet the guy where i filled with joy and immense fear where i enjoyed him and refused to touch him cas., of fear i had the most every time but the guard handed him to me and gave a pose and spontaneously gets attracted with my silver watch and soft fight with me to elope .

Even Macaw Attracted with pocessions....

Photo of YELAGIRI- A DAY WITH MACAW #yelagirihills by karthy

This be my all yelagiri dreams and last i think of him and makes my good day by dip my legs in fish tank and had a noodle cup where fish rub my feet and macho crushing my heart peppers with noodle masala .

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