8 Days in Beautiful Thailand 

7th Jul 2018
Photo of 8 Days in Beautiful Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Day 1

Thailand for honeymoon?????? Oh!!!!

Everyone thinks its a hot darling place for the bachelors. Even though many choices for a honeymoon, Phuket has attracted me like a magnet. With a lot of warmth????, booked Phuket-Krabi-Bangkok for 6 Nights and 7 days without Pattaya(Dropped with a heavy heart). Booking was done through an agency with a package that includes air tickets(Thai airways), 3-star hotels, entry fees for the events and local transfer both on Pvt and SIC.

Note: Don't choose any 5-star hotels since barely spend your time in hotels. It saves you money???????

Why Phuket-Krabi?

First-time visitors like me wanted to explore many places rather than sitting in a resort or chilling out in a swimming pool. Yes, leisure is a must for honeymoon couples when you go immediately after tying the knot but we went for this trip after a couple of months. Beaches and islands are always would be the best bet for any tourists especially those popular Islands and white sand beaches.

Choosing an agency for the 1st timers like me makes a little scared????. Going with a known devil is always better than an unknown angel. As my friend’s guidance, We went with an agency even though their price is slightly higher than other agencies. Took 30,000 Baht for our local upkeep like food, shopping, etc., My journey date was on July 8th 00:50 AM(so had to leave on 7th Night)

Terrible moments just before the journey

July 6th, 2019, 3:00 PM IST :

Google News notification ‘Boat drowned in Phuket, nearly 90 people died and still rescue operation is underway’. Oh my God!???? this gave me a big break!!! Because it happened due to heavy rain and high tide, as usual, poor safety standards of boats. Later my travel agent and wife soothed me????.

Next is even more horrible:

July 6th, 2019, 8:30 PM:

Received Google notification, Have to reach Airport, 3 Hrs left: My journey will start in a few hours? oh shit!!!???? My booking is on the next day. Lots of things started swinging in my mind. I had to travel all along 35km with Bangalore’s horrible traffic! Is that possible without my baggage? oh No.

Yep, I called my agent even she was horrified and asked me to wait for a minute to open my booking details. She said my flight is on tomorrow, nothing to worry about. huffs huge relaxation, thank god????.

However, I was puzzled about why that notification?

A few minutes later I have seen my mails where my previous agent has blocked my tickets on the 7th. I just deleted it????.

We were about to leave, News Channels are flashing a news '12 young footballers stuck in a cave'????. Young youths went on trecking to a tunnel but couldn’t come back as their exit points were blocked due to heavy rain.

Began our fantasy journey with a lot of joy & love

We left @8 and reached KIAL 3 hrs before our flight. Immigration process completed in just 20 minutes. Bangalore to Bangkok is around 4 hours journey through the Bay of Bengal and from there to its 1 hour to Phuket.

Our flight left around 00:30 AM and arrived at 6:30 AM, then started our arrival Visa process. It was an enormous crowd and virtually all are Indians only.

First look at Phuket Airport

Photo of Bengaluru, Karnataka, India by Sanketh Gowda
Day 2

Don’t ignore to hold up a pen, we attempted like a kid????‍♀️. Spent 2000 Bahts for each of Visa, joined the immigration counter, the man asked what is the objective of the visit? Before I answered he only said ‘Honey Moona ‘ in a humorous tone????. Then we boarded Bangkok to Phuket flight, most of the co-passengers were Europeans. Just before landing in Phuket airport those elegant islands were visible to the eye☺.


Phuket flight view

Photo of Bangkok, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda

When flight Landed

Gathered our baggage and came out from the arrival gate, there were so many with placards. I tried to find my hotel name or my name, but didn't get it and tried my local agent number, the call was not connected????. Consulted agents who sit in front of the airport with a bunch of papers, he took nearly 10 minutes to find my name. Gave me a local sim and engaged to the taxi driver, had a sigh of consolation????. Its almost a 1-hour journey from Phuket Airport to Patang.

Checked into Aspira prime Patang Hotel. We were so hungry started chasing for food. Glimpsed food was so costly in Phuket, the first thing came to my mind is that the cash I bought is sufficient? Discovered a variety of cuisines but the only thing common is massage parlors and Alcohol????. At every step, there are massage parlors where gals are standing outside. We had food in an Arabian Restaurant.

Evening at 6:00 cab arrived to pick up for our 1st event Phuket Fantasea show.

It was a phenomenal theme park since we had a lot of time we wandered each and every corner of the park and finished our prolonged photo session. Amazed by seeing such a vast dining hall which has more than 1000 seating arrangements. We attempted 'Thai' food, it's more of saucy and juicy, realized this is not my flavor since I crave spicier so I ended up with Indian food in my entire journey.

Subsequently, our buffet meal with more than 1000 people and the real show started around 9.

"In one word it was a magnificent show with such spectacular activities and presenting their culture. With so many trained people and animals, Elephant plays a big part in the show and that people adore it as 'Ira'. But the saddest part is how animals are being trained?"

Phuket Fantasea Park

Photo of Phuket, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Photo of Phuket, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Photo of Phuket, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Photo of Phuket, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Photo of Phuket, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Photo of Phuket, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Photo of Phuket, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Day 3

Being a part of Phi phi family

Since 7:00 AM was our pick up time, we forcibly had American breakfast at 6:30 AM. We appeared to know that we have to pay extra for the upper coach where we can see the surroundings through view panels Since our agent has booked for a lower coach. Its 500 Baht/seat for the upper coach with regular service and 1000 per seat for premium service. We chose a regular one. The moment we entered the Photographer took our pic, we thought it is to find us in case of missing????. Well, we settled in a seat, guide scared us more, saying "tides are abnormal today" ????. It's about 40km a big boat journey in the beautiful Andaman sea. The boat journey was not so good as it was trembling due to high tide????‍♀️. As we passed by an island it was so awesome with its landmasses(rocky) look surrounded by seawater, which was giving a magnificent look from our boat????.

Phi Phi Island is Thailand's island-daredevil. It's been highlighted in many movies. It's the only reason to be here in Phuket for many, even myself. Even with all the hype, it doesn't disappoint. Phi Phi's beauty is a large chunk of the allure. The islands, when approached by boat, rise from the sea like a fortress. Sheer cliffs tower overhead, then give way to the beach-fronted jungle. It's love at first sight."

Snorkeling can be done by paying 400 bucks per person. Koh Phi phi don is exactly between Phuket and Krabi, you can transfer from there directly. From phi phi, can visit 4 to 5 nearby Islands which are monkey beach, Maya bay, bamboo island, Koh Khai noh and many more by using speed or long-tail boat, these islands are part of Phi phi Family.

We had a buffet lunch at our reserved hotel. As usual, we didn't like the food there but we had no choice????. As we turned back to our cruise they gave us a photo frame where our picture was printed. We took it for 100 baht although it was not good????.

We returned to our hotel and took rest for 1-hr, started walking towards Patang beach. It was so clean, calm and a good ambiance at the beach. After having street food we walked towards that lightning street. Yes, the street name is called Bangla Road' We can see that road is so illuminated with a lot of lights and gals????. So much crowd, street performers with a lot of lights, loud music, lively bars, discos, and nightclubs, who wants to miss that blistering experience????. Most of them were open bars with dancing gals. Since there were a lot of people with their family so no reason to be shy or scared. We moved further there were many shows like ping pong, Ba.... show and etc... the crew came to offer for the show even they forced for those adultery shows but politely said no even though wanted experience once ????. That gives different feelings altogether about Phuket, by then I realized why bachelors prefer Thailand. Eventually, we moved from that road with a heavy heart. I hope I come again????.

'In Thailand, massage parlors are more than any restaurants'

We entered a massage parlor, however, we consulted our hotel reception for the best and genuine service. The massage was so soothing that yes I could say it was one of the best massages I've ever had????.

Click from the cruise

Photo of Phuket, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda

Forgotten Island

Photo of Phuket, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda

Phi phi

Photo of Phuket, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Photo of Phuket, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Day 4

To Krabi by Road:

Our cab arrived at the hotel around 11:00, the driver came along with his companion. The journey from Phuket to Krabi is around 2 hrs, by the time we reached its around 1:30 PM. I always enjoy road trips, it helped us know more about Krabi which is on the southwest coast. Its craggy, dense mangroves forests, sheer limestone cliffs, and Islands, islands islands. After checking into the Anaong resort, we walked into an Indian hotel for lunch.

Krabi is a very tiny and cool city without much crowd and traffic like phuket. This is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations nowadays. The food in Krabi is reasonable than Phuket and On my trip 1st time I had delicious food in an Indian hotel. Around 4 o clock, we entered Anang beach as I couldn't control my temptation to dive and splashed at the beach for 2 hrs. Evening we strolled 2, 3 times over the Beach Road where you can find a lot of hotels, bars, and shops to get to know more about Krabi.

Anaong Beach

Photo of Krabi, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda

Anoang Resort

Photo of Krabi, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda

Somewhere in Krabi

Photo of Krabi, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda

Resort looks

Photo of Krabi, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Day 5

4 Islands in Krabi

Since it's the 4th day of our trip we were more confident so we delayed 15 minutes???? while picking up but our guide made us wait for 1 hour. They took 500 baht/person in the name of the national park fee????.

Its long tail boat with around 20 people from assorted countries comprising 1 Malayali family. Oh!!! I was a little afraid???? to go in a long tail boat but Luckily it was a luminous day. Our 1st destination of the day is Railay island, around 500m walked to reach another end of the beach where we can catch a glimpse of an outstanding view????.

Boat journey continued with the white sand and crystal clear water. Felt jealous of those beautiful beaches????. Our next island is Koh tup and Koh more, it was so lovely and one of my favorites spent nearly 30 minutes there. The next one is chicken Neck island seen from the boat itself and then they have taken us into the corner of an island for the snorkeling. We did it for half an hour, refreshed after seeing those magnificent corals and fisheries in Crystal clear seawater. We turned to another island for buffet lunch. After lunch, we fiddled on the beach for 30 minutes. As we roamed the seaside can see the spectacular view of an Island ???? and had the best click in my life.

As we returned to the hotel good news was flashing that 12 boys rescued safely????.

Somewhere in Krabi

Photo of Krabi, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda

Somewhere in the Island

Photo of Krabi, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda

Ready for snorkeling

Photo of Krabi, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda

Best click

Photo of Krabi, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda

Railay Beach

Photo of Krabi, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda

Nowhere in Krabi

Photo of Krabi, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Day 6

Coming Back to Bangkok

Boarded flight around 10 o clock reached around 12. As we came out of the airport with a prescribed gate, no one was waiting for us then we consulted our Indian guide she asked to call local emergency No. Then there is a lady came and tried to find our name but she didn't get it. After 15 minutes, Eventually, she got it from somewhere and organized for a taxi. We checked into the Bangkok hotel. It's one of the biggest hotels in Bangkok in terms of the quantum of rooms, though the rooms are quite old but clean and comfortable. We had our lunch in an Andhra special restaurant, you get many Indian restaurants to have food. The evening went to a local market named 'Neon'. We did the shopping for 2 hours, later we had a special pineapple rice.

Pineapple Rice

Photo of Bangkok, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Day 7

A Day in Bangkok

It's a massive dining hall in Bangkok hotel and we too had our massive breakfast. We left on SIC to the Safari world, It's a big and splendidly built. Birds, giraffe and many more are the highlights, 1st show was 'Monkey show', not up to the mark and felt sad for the poor monkeys????. Then as you guessed its dolphin show, It's one of the best one here. Even Enjoyed many more shows and events. After having our buffet lunch, they took us into safari in our vehicle. Where we found many creatures of God. Returned to the hotel, took rest for one hour and got ready for the dinner at cruise. Yes, it's one of the unmissable events in Bangkok.

We had Indian style dinner at cruise, couldn't control our temptation to dance with the crowd for Bollywood pieces of music. As its moving in the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok city in lights was looking glorious????.

Hunting Birds

Photo of Bangkok, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Photo of Bangkok, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda

Birds almost killed me

Photo of Bangkok, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda

Random click

Photo of Bangkok, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Photo of Bangkok, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda

Unmissable event

Photo of Bangkok, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Day 8

Day of Temple Run

It was a day of temple run, We went to the temple and did many clicks of emerald buddha, the temple of reclining Buddha, Wat saket, Wat transmit, Wat mahatat, Wat Benja and Wat Suthat. Around 2 turned back to the hotel and went for the shopping, the market looks like a market????.

However, we had a lot of time we reached Suvarna Bhoomi airport on time, Taxi driver made us to wait for 30 minutes and made me little panicky.

We were hungry had snacks in the airport and had the longest walk to the boarding gate???? saying goodbye to beautiful Thailand ????.

One more thing in my 7 days of the trip I never heard a honk for at least once✌.

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Photo of Bangkok, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda
Photo of Bangkok, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda

Beautiful temple

Photo of Bangkok, Thailand by Sanketh Gowda

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