Festival of Bharat: A Tribute To Majesty Of India's Civilisation

Photo of Festival of Bharat: A Tribute To Majesty Of India's Civilisation by Priya Pareek

The national capital is hosting a six-day-long festival called 'Festival of Bharat' and it is one the best ways to make the heat in Delhi a little bearable. The festival is being organised as a 21st century tribute to the majesty and depth of India's civilisation and it is calling out to anyone and everyone who wants to have a lots of fun while feeling closer to their roots.

What is it?

The 'Festival of Bharat' is a 21st Century tribute to the majesty and depth of that civilisation. It will give you a closer and deeper look into the rich philosophical systems, vibrant customs and art of their civilisation. Global travellers will be coming together to experience ancient traditions, a myriad of cuisines, optimism, playfulness and culture that makes it unique and beautiful.

When is it?

9 May 8:00 AM to Mon, 14 May 11:30 PM

To Mon? 14th May 11:30pm to...?

Where is it?

Indira Gandhi National Centre For The Arts , Delhi

What to expect?

Expect lots of fun, food and thrills! The festival will feature a live evening music fest, lit fest during the day with talks and debates. It will also have nutritious Ayurvedic cuisines at the organic food festival, serene morning yoga sessions and meditation to make you feel fit. Shop till you drop at the flea market and enjoy the exhibition. What else? Well, the list does not end here...

You will also get to see and interact with scholars, Grammy Award winning artists, young stars and prominent public figures.

The live concert will feature Grammy Award winner Vishwa Mohan Bhatt; the internationally acclaimed Vikram Hazra, who tops the chart in Indian devotional music; Indo-Canadian singer, Jonita Gandhi, famously known as Toronto's Nightingale; the unparalleled and unmissable Subhendra Rao and Saskia Rao de Haas, Indosoul by Karthick Iyer and celebrity DJ Shilpi Sharma, among others.


9 May, 2018: Evening TV Talk Show with Sister BK Shivani

11 May, 2018: Bharatiya Fashion Show

12 May, 2018: Awards

13 May, 2018: Yoga, Meditation, Televised Talks and Music Fest

9 May, 2018 to 14 May, 2018: As above + Exhibitions + Organic / Ayurvedic Food Fest

Where to get tickets?

Click here to register for passes.

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