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It is a paradise on an affordable budget that will leave you mesmerised. These few points will be handy while you plan your trip to Andaman. 1. Carry a BSNL sim if you wish to stay connected because the other networks don’t have signal on the island.2. Check if your resort has WIFI beforehand if you wish to get some online updates.3. Pre book your ferry’s and accommodations to avoid last minute hassles.4. Carry liquid cash because cards are not accepted in most places. 5. Avoid spending too much time in Port Blair unless you want to explore the history of Andaman. 6. Spend atleast a night in the island (Havelock or Neil) to give a complete finish to the trip.7. Hindi is main mode of communication in the island. 8. Prefer Elephanta Beach in Havelock over North Bay Beach or Jolly Buoy Island in Port Blair for discovering the underwater world. 9. Try going to Baratang Island from Port Blair for experiencing a boat ride amongst the mangroves.10. Try sea walk, scuba diving and snorkeling because all three give a different experience in discovering the underwater world.11. You don’t need to know swimming for snorkeling. You will be given a float and the instructor will be beside you the entire time.12. People will bombard you with questions before your sea walk, just ignore them unless you have some big medical issue.ITINERARY:

Best Time To Visit Andaman and Nicobar

Best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar is from December to March
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