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We were in two minds while deciding on Andaman’s. 1) We were travelling as a family and weren’t sure if it was a good destination for a family trip 2)The travel to nearby islands was either by jetty or boats and we were apprehensive about that as well as my MIL get’s sea-sick and we had two small kids under 5 and we had no idea about their seafaring skills. Surprisingly, there weren’t many blogs or travel information related to Andaman back in 2013 and those that were available were usually from adventure travellers or lone travellers, however, we had this itch to go to Andaman’s and we decided to take a leap of faith.I hadn’t been to many islands so that itself was exciting. The bird-eye view that I saw of the Andaman islands was mesmerising. I fell in love with the place even before we landed. We had booked with an online travel agency and they were there to receive us at the airport. Once we had settled into the hotel at Port Blair, we decided to explore the city and were told that there are a few museums and city parks that we must see apart from the Cellular jail. As we weren’t much of a museum group, we decided to skip that and in the evening headed for the Cellular Jail instead.

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Best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar is from December to March
Andaman and Nicobar

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