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After climbing to the Thami Monastery, we retraced our steps before turning uphill toward the lovely village of Khumjung, where Sir Edmund Hillary established a school in 1961....

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It all started due to the unending turmoils in life and the need to get out and find some peace of mind which seemed to be lacking from long!...

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Sagarmatha National Park
Every year hundreds of mountaineers make it to the Mount Everest after Edmund Hilary and Tenzin Norway first summit it in 1953. But there are very very few people who put their dreams aside to save the life of another.
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About Khumjung

Find your way to the Yeti Scalp of KhumjungIn 1960, when Desmond Doig, a British journalist, and Edmund Hillary were passing through the Khumjung Village, they stopped over at the home of an old woman and found, what was speculated to be, a Yeti scalp. Yeti is an ape-like creature who is said to live in the high Himalayas. Scientists have long maintained that this Yeti, roughly translated in English as Abominable or Dreadful Snowman, doesn't exist but locals continue to hold its legends as authentic stories integral to their culture. In 1960, Hillary and Doig somehow managed to convince the village people to take this hide-like scalp and have it inspected abroad. Though it later proved to be a hide from a goat-like Himalayan antelope, you can still visit the monastery it is placed in.Know before you go: The village of Khunjung is just 137km from Kathmandu. The local bus network in Nepal is quite efficient and you will easily get a bus till the Sagarmatha National Park. From here the village is a short trek away. To see the images of the Yeti scalp, visit this page.

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