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Day 6, going Back to Kathmandu-ThamelHeading to the Bus Terminal in the early morning and going back to Kathmandu city with again 7 hour ride on the Bus..reach the Hotel at Thamel distric, this time I booked the hotel near the garden you should visit if you reach Kathmandu City.. it is Garden Of DreamsGarden of Dream , it was created in 1920, with 6 pavilions, fountain landscape,its design with europeans Gardens, really enjoying the view, you can sitting there relaxing with doing some activity like reading books, or taking some pictures ,you can visit the Museum ,and also you can sitting in the restourant inside enjoyig the coffee or some meals.
Lucknow or the City of Nawabs sitting on the banks of the Gomti river, is regarded as North India’s cultural capital. Uttar Pradesh’s capital, Lucknow is replete with historical elements dating back to the colonial era that are known over the world for their Awadhi-style architecture. But Lucknow’s ethos lies in its delectable cuisine and its unique Chikankaari (shadow-work embroidery) garments that are must-buys if you are in the city. Lucknow is also known for its sweeping gardens and pure Kathak dance-forms that are showcased in numerous events held across the city. The city is also thriving with a lovely Urdu poetry scene. The ginormous tomb complex of Bara Imambara is home to a stunning labyrinth and neighboured by the equally popular mausoleum of Chhota Imambara, the Husainabad clock tower and a fantastic art gallery. And while in Lucknow, feast on its delightful assortment of Awadhi and Mughlai food that comprises of everything from kebabs to the makhan malai (a saffron-flavoured local ice-cream).
Day 4, PokharaHeading to Pokhara with 7 hours Journey in the afternoon from Nagarkot, it was really long journey but also worth to see the sight seeing along the road way to Pokhara, we reach there in the evening, our Hotel near the Phewa Lake.. Cant see to much in evening...but we really exciting to wake up very early morning as we are planning to discover Phokara and the lake...And... this is what we saw in the early 5.30 am from outside our the Hotel after 15 minutes walk heading to the street..
Patan : 3rd Busiest city of Nepal after Kathmandu and PokharaTake a taxi to Patan and indulge in more temples sight-seeing. You must drop-in to see the Living Goddess. You can have lunch and then head back to Kathmandu.
Never miss to visit this Ancient City, Bhaktapur, as a tourist oustide Nepal and India, you must buy entry ticket for $15, well no wonder with the price, as in my Country when you entering Borobudur Temple( Indonesia), the Price will be the same for the Tourist who entering the Temple Area.Since the Earthquake on 2015, there are some temples broken, even its totally damage , and when I was there, there are still some renovation and rebuilt in some area as its totally flat with the lands, a tour guide with us at that time and he telling us all the story about the History of Bhaktapur City.. its more like the Journey of Budha and also the Hindu, as it is represented in the Buildings and the Temples arounds.

About Pang

A real challenge in all forms. The sixth day starts with The 21 Gata Loops and goes on to cross over NakeeLa(16,200ft) and yet another ascent of LachulungLa(16,800ft). The reason Gata Loops are so famous is because in under 10kms of travel, there is a height gain of about 1500ft. Once the 21 loops end, there is a final climb up till NakeeLa, from where it is all downhill till the next break point, which is, Whiskey Nallah. Whiskey Nallah has a single very big parachute tent which provides whole meals along with bed and breakfast. A very convenient stop over. Whiskey Nallah marks the climb for LachulungLa which is indeed very excruciating all because of the bad road conditions and the mental trauma of beginning an ascent for the second time after a downhill run. LachulungLa is at 16,800ft and it is marked yet again by a BRO mark-post and numerous prayer flags. The ride from the top till Pang is a technical one with road conditions being on the downside, but once you reach Pang, the cluster of tents is a welcoming sight. Being set-up right next to an army post, one can also use the satellite-phone facility at the army base. Pang serves tourists with ample traditional dance and folklore along with food and accommodation. Total distance covered is at about 57kms and the sleeping height at Pang being 14,800ft.

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