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We were out by 06:00 and crossed the street to meet Limbo. He didn’t emerge however for another half an hour. Apparently the previous night’s rice wine had sent him into a deep sleep and he had just woken up. He gave us a cup of green tea and showed us his homestay. He asked if it was better than his brothers. I declined to answer, not knowing the correct one, but I could confirm that it was a very lovely house.He took us to a nearby garden which was famous in the area due to two snakes that a local artist had carved into a big stone. The garden itself was a couple of weeks away from being in full bloom and Limbo insisted that I came back in 2 or 54 weeks’ time. “At that time the stream will also be fuller and flowing faster".He led us down a path round the back of the garden, and down a few flights of stairs. Then I understood the comment about the stream. To my left appeared Rajirani’s local waterfall. It must have been a good 10 meters high and with a fairly decent amount of water cascading down. Always a fan of a waterfall, especially a surprise one, and I can imagine that it would even more impressive when water is really flowing.He insisted that we went back to the lake as we simply must see it one more time before we left. We obliged him and headed to the water. However we never quite got there. He paraded us around the village (I kept hearing him say ‘England’ to anyone he passed) and he simply led us to his friend’s house. Another tea was given to us and there we sat, enjoying the morning as it passed by. People popped in to chat to us, one woman quite eagerly pressing me to stay in Rajirani to marry her daughter, and people left us again to get on with their daily work. The Limbu people of Rajirani were undoubtedly some of the nicest people I have met in Asia.For breakfast Limbo took us back to his homestay (he had asked his brothers permission to steal our custom) and on remembering me saying I had lived in China, he made us chowmein. Another demonstration of just how accommodating Limbu people are.

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