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By 10:35 AM, I reached Sagar and here comes the pain. I was relying on Google Navigation for the whole trip. The route was through Sagar city. Now my overconfidence kicked in and after reaching Sagar and looking at the route on Navigation once, I took few turns on my own and got lost. I somehow reached to the other side of the city and took a different road which was going back to Jabalpur (yeah, LOL!). I realized my mistake when I saw markings for Jabalpur on the milestone. I stopped, created a new route to join the original route and started again.Man, the roads inside the city are so narrow.... And the festive season.... I was stopping after every 200 or 300m just to check whether I was on the right track or not. On the other hand, there is one perk of taking this route. You get to drive by the beautiful Lakha Banjara Lake inside the city. Finally, I crossed the Sagar city and was on my way to Bhopal on NH146.After riding for 30 Kms, I reached Ratangarh. I decided to take a 10 minutes tea-break at the Ratangarh junction. This was my first stop till now. I ordered a tea and asked the Dhaba owner about the route for Bhopal. So, from this point, there are two routes possible for Bhopal - via Vidisha (169 Kms) and via Raisen (207 Kms). Also, for the first time on this route, I saw directions and distance for Indore written on the Hoarding and milestone. It was exact 12:00 PM and decided to leave. The Dhaba owner told me that the road conditions are very bad near Raisen and I should go via Vidisha. But, Google was suggesting me to go via Raisen. But Desi took over Videsi and I took the straight road to Vidisha.The greenery and the pleasant roads were not leaving me and they were still giving me company. I also started to see the markings for Sanchi on the milestones. So, I decided that I will take a short break at Sanchi before finally starting for Bhopal. From Ratangarh, Sanchi is 85 Kms. I again had to go through the city of Vidisha as there was no alternate route. I also started facing a lot of traffic because Sanchi is very famous Tourist spot in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

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