4 Unusual Gems of the North East That You Must Visit


Reading a book on a hill top, wandering on those untraveled roads, sleeping under the sheet of stars, taking a selfie in the profound valleys – it all seems so whimsical, Doesn't it? Well, these things are so easy to do when you are travelling to an unconventional place. North East India is a place that encompasses some unexplored gems in itself that are bound to satiate your wanderlust. The astonishing North East is a heaven for travellers who are on a quest to explore the unexplored.

Here are the best off beat destinations in North East India-


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Ziro, just like the number zero, adds great value to your life when you travel to this hidden paradise. Subtly cradling in the mountain ranges of Arunachal Pradesh, this quaint town is a perfect way to relax your mind from the humdrums of your busy life. The beauty of this town gets doubled up with its lush green meadows sparkling just like thin sheets of Emerald. Home to some of the endangered wild creatures, taking a safari into the verdant woods of this town gives you memories that you can take with yourself. Every part of this magical town makes you fall in love with it, so make sure you include Ziro in your bucket list this year.

Places to Visit in Ziro

• Kile Pakho

• Midey

• Ziro Puto

• Dolo Mando

• Meghna Cave Temple

• Pine Grove

• Hapoli


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Ever thought about wandering amidst a place where there is nothing but beauty. Experience the same when you travel to the divine town of Tawang that is a birth place of Dalai Lama. Tawang is a place that will spell bind you in its beauty with its greenest of the green lands and mountain peaks touching the enormous crystal blue skies. The magic of Tawang is one that you should explore at least once in your lifetime. It is a land abundant with history and is famous for its Tawang Monastery also known as the Golden Namgyal Lhatse, the second largest monastery in the world. Take a road trip to the Sela Pass and take back some everlasting memories with yourself.

Places to Visit in Tawang

• Tawang Monastery

• Sela Pass

• Madhuri Lake

• Nuranang Falls

• Gorichen Peak

• PT Tso Lake

• Tawang War Memorial


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Have you ever heard about the living root bridges in Meghalaya? Google up now and see how nature has created a jewel that is away from the imagination of humans. Mawlynnong a paradise located in the East Khasi district of Meghalaya is known as the cleanest village not only in India but in Asia. Get away from the urban life and enjoy the scenic view of the expansive mountain ranges and take a closer look into the lives of the exuberant villagers in Mawlynnong. If you have a lust for nature, then travel to this unusually beautiful village of Mawlynnong that has an aura you won’t be able to find in those hyped destinations.

Places to Visit in Mawlynnong

• Mawlynnong Waterfall

• Dawki River

• Bisnakandi

• Bydraw Falls

• Living Root Bridges

• Jaflong


Photo of Mawlynnong, Meghalaya, India by Nishtha Walia

Thinking what a river island is like? Travel to the world’s largest river island Majuli indistinctly sitting amidst the river Brahmaputra. It is a quaint district of the North East India which is far away from being spoilt by the city life. Inhabited by the tribal, Majuli is a unique river island that is enveloped with verdant green lands. The Brahmaputra river banks are a unique treasure that is hidden inside the beautiful state of Assam. Majuli is also a locale of some religious sites that is bound to make your souls rejuvenate. Travel to this picturesque paradise and tick off some something from your bucket list.

Places to Visit in Majuli

• Kamalabari Satra

• Tengapania

• Garmur

• Dakhinpat Satra

• Auniati Satra

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