5, 6, 7... Travellers!

13th Jun 2016
Photo of 5, 6, 7... Travellers! by Naini Shah (DateWithMountains)

Travellers are present in all corners of the world. From climbing unfamiliar peaks till drowning deep inside the scuba waters, you will find one travel soul wandering and discovering new horizons and possibilities. So why not to categorize the various travel souls who are roaming around the globe?5, 6, 7 and many!

1.  A Happy Traveller...

Happy traveller is that who finds pleasure and derives happiness from all the places visited. Be it an evening along the seashore or a walk on the beach bordered with high palm and coconut trees or meeting different cultured people in a busy city market. These happy travelers travel with just one funda : 'No demands, No complaints!'

 Photo of 5, 6, 7... Travellers! 1/8 by Naini Shah (DateWithMountains)Picture source : Google  

2. Pennyless Traveller.

This species of travellers are too bold and carefree to get along with. Travelling to new locations and places with minimum balance (around $2 - $20) is a task in itself. But lack of money in pocket teaches to manage the expenses in a far better way than any Accountant can.Penny-less travellers know exactly where to spend money and they explore numerous ways to earn it on their so called 'Penny's travel diaries.' (:p)

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3. Adventurous Traveller.

Another set of travellers who we call 'Bold-Young-Wild', cannot sit in one place throughout their life; it is not in their veins! Adventure is all what they long for! They have the will and the courage to overcome challenges & difficulties during their unknown travel path.       The eagerness to land in a place you cannot call yours while managing all good&bad situations is what these creatures call pagalpanti.
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 4. Boring Traveller.

Let me tell you, They are weird and strange travellers! The words Boring and Travellers don't go hand-in-hand. How can you call a traveller boring? But yes, they do exist! They travel to lots and lots of places and soon find themselves aloof in one corner or the other, introspecting themselves. But they can be great in giving company on road trips! Though boring, but they will show you how to travel and live life! Boring travellers are as exciting as the SalmanKhan movies!

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5. Group Travellers.

Travelling in groups is not a bad idea. Loneliness leaves you whereas company accompanies you. Travelling with 'already known' friends cannot enrich the brain as much as the 'unknown lot' of travel friends can. New stories and new adventures happen everytime you chat! It is extremely important to listen something new rather than repeating the same stuff!
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6. Fearless Traveller.

With fear in your brain and low confidence in your heart, you cannot reach any mountain, and this is what a Fearless traveller does not possess. Having no fear does not mean being careless. It is a trait wherein, confidence level does not drop even a centimeter in places of danger.    Instead, the attitude ranges from 'I can do that' to 'I must do that.' These young souls want to attempt something new and add memories to their Bindass book of travel! 
Photo of 5, 6, 7... Travellers! 6/8 by Naini Shah (DateWithMountains)
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7. Historical Traveller.

 A person who is full of historical stories and fantasies and the one who admires archeological structures, easily fits in this category. Visiting age-old and vintage locations that have history from our forefathers' times is what these travellers adore the most! Getting intrigued by the little intricate details of the monuments and various subjects which belong to the past make historical travellers to travel more!

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8.  A Solo Traveller.

Happy. Penny-less. Adventurous. Boring. Fearless. Historical - A solo traveller has them all! Travelling solo builts many good habits and changes a person in a lot many ways. We find that the world is not a small place to live in. From meeting new people to living alone all the time makes you love your own company!  Peace takes over you making you feel more relaxed than ever! 
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In this fast growing world, we often forget who we are, the ultimate purpose of us being here or why are we always running harder to chase our dreams. Dreams may come and go. But life doesn't. We don't live once, rather, we die once. So make the most of this life you are blessed with.  To travel is to live beyond expectations. To travel is to make your inner self feel alive. To travel is to live than only to exist. To travel is to appreciate the beauty of life and world we've been gifted with. 
Happy Travelling! :)

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